Check-in and Check-out Procedures

Discussing your conference’s check-in and check-out procedures with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator is an essential part of the planning process. A clear and mutual understanding between both parties enables us to schedule our staff for maximum efficiency. While we have various standard policies that we employ, we work closely with Conference Organizers to tailor arrangements that will meet your specific conference needs.

The standard check-in time is after 3:00 PM. Participants may check in at their designated Conference Front Desk (CFD) which is managed by professional staff and Stanford students. A check-in can also take place at a prearranged location if the size of the conference is 50 or more people. One Conference Assistant (CA) is provided for every 75 participants for a period of two hours. Please note that accurate and updated rosters help to ensure smooth running check-ins. Early arriving Conference Staff are encouraged to review check-in arrangements with their CFD ahead of time. During the check-in process, the CAs will distribute room keys, fobs (if needed for access to your residence hall), meal cards, and information about Stanford and the surrounding area. If you expect a group of 50 or more participants to check in after the primary check-in has taken place, you must notify your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator 21 days in advance from the starting date of your conference. In these circumstances, special arrangements will need to be made to ensure that an appropriate number of CAs will be on hand. If you have participants under the age of 18 who will arrive late, a member of your program staff will need to accompany them to the CFD to check in and get their key.

If you are making your own room assignments, please note that your roster is due seven (7) days before your conference checks in. If Stanford Conferences is making your room assignments, your roster is due fourteen (14) days before your conference checks in. The Roster Update Form (available at the Conference Front Desk or from your Conference Manager/Coordinator) will be accepted at any time after the initial roster is submitted, but will only be processed if received at least 24 hours (Pacific Standard Time) in advance of your conference’s scheduled check-in. For example, if your conference is scheduled to check in on Saturday at 3 PM, your Roster Update Form would, at the very latest, need to be received the day before (Friday) at 3PM, PST. All last minute roster changes (i.e., changes submitted less than 24 hours in advance of your conference’s scheduled check-in time) will be processed upon conclusion of the check-in. Please reference the instructions indicated in the Roster Procedures document in the Conference Planning Manual for further details.

Three CFDs (Munger, Stern and Lagunita) are open 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM; two CFDs (Lasuen and Wilbur) are open from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, seven days a week. For arrivals after 10:00 PM, the phone number for reaching an On-Duty Staff person will be posted on the front door of each CFD office.

On occasion, a conference needs to have its registration area situated near the check-in location. Your program’s registration setup requirements should be discussed with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator so that the appropriate space and support can be allocated, and tables and chairs ordered, as needed.

Standard check-out time is 11 AM. It is especially important to adhere to this time so that the Housing staff will have sufficient time to prepare residences for incoming conferences. As with check-ins, a check-out can be arranged at the conference's residence. Any requests for changes to the check-out arrangements specified in your contract must be received by your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator two weeks prior to your program’s check-out date. Otherwise, your program may be subject to penalties.

Participants/staff will be issued key receipts during their check-out. The key receipt is the participant’s/staff’s proof that the key and fob were returned. Please advise your participants/staff accordingly. Should keys and fobs be dropped off at their CFD without the participants/staff obtaining key receipts, the conference will assume responsibility for lost key charges. Any missing keys and/or fobs will be billed to the conference as lost keys. If you have any participants under the age of 18 who will be departing early, the presence of your Conference Staff will be required during these early departure times to verify attendance and to ensure the security and safety of the participant(s).

Any lost keys and/or fobs will be charged at a rate of $135 for residential halls (i.e., dormitory style residences), and $250 for apartments (i.e., Escondido Village studios, Munger Graduate Residence apartments, and Rains apartments), and will be billed to the conference. If you plan to collect key deposits from participants at check-in, please make arrangements to do so at a location separate from your check-in location, as this will prevent any confusion as to where the participants are to submit their key deposits. At the conclusion of the conference, it will be the responsibility of the Conference Organizer and/or the Conference Staff to return the deposits to your participants/staff. For the safety and security of your participants/staff, the lock to a sleeping room will be changed immediately if the key to that room has been reported lost or not returned during the program’s check-out.

It is suggested that upon arriving on campus, the Conference Organizer meet with their CFD to review the roster. The CFD can also provide you with a copy of a check-in report. Be sure to inform your CFD of any room changes that occur after your conference begins. At the conclusion of your conference, your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator will set up a final reconciliation meeting with the Stanford Dining Manager to finalize your program’s numbers.

There is no reduction in price for early departures or late arrivals.
If a participant withdraws early from your program, please have them visit their CFD to check-out and complete the required paperwork. If necessary, one of your conference staff members can perform the check-out for the early-departing participant.