Common Damage Charges

During your campus stay, summer conferences and camps are responsible for any damage done to, and/or loss of, University property belonging to your assigned residences. If damage is found during your program’s stay or during the final walk-through of your residence(s) (performed immediately after your program’s departure by your Housing Building Manager), you will be notified immediately and your program will be charged accordingly. If you witness damage during your program’s stay, it is best to report this immediately to your Conference Front Desk, Housing Building Manager, or to your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator.

To protect your program against any pre-existing damage in the residence(s), it is strongly recommended that you perform a walk-through prior to your program checking into its assigned residence(s), especially if your program is a Youth program. Please speak with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator if you’d like to request a walk-through before your participants/staff arrive.

The following is a list of common damages and estimated charges. It may be helpful to keep these damages in mind when performing your initial walk-through:

• Blind repair

$65 - 500

• Broken window

$250 - 400

• Broken or missing window screen (23” x 58”)


• Custodial hourly rate


• Excessive cleaning


            Level II

$100 (substantial cleaning required)

            Level III

$200 (extensive cleaning required)

• Light cover (missing or broken)

$100 - 500 (maybe higher depending on style of fixture)

• Mattress (missing or damaged)


• Reset bed (flipped bed)


• Wall damage (paint and patch)

$75 - 475 (depends on wall size and extent of patching needed)

Other fines to be aware of:


• Candles and halogens

$100 upon discovery, plus $100/day until removed

• Pets

$100 upon discovery, plus $100/day until removed

• Tampering with fire and building access equipment

$500 minimum charge

The residences should be left in the same condition as they were found. If furniture is moved, or beds are flipped, be sure your participants/staff return all of these items to their original location/ position before your conference departs campus (in order to avoid charges). All trash should be placed in the supplied trashcans. Excess trash can result in your program incurring charges for excessive cleaning (as listed above).

If you have any questions about housing damage charges and fines, please contact your Housing Building Manager or Conference Account Manager/Coordinator.