Service Requests for Clients


For your convenience, Stanford Conferences can arrange golf cart rentals for your program. If you are interested, please place your order with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator before April 25, 2012.  A contract is required for golf cart usage, and clients are liable for damages to and/or theft of the cart.

Golf Cart Type

Daily Rental

Weekly Rental

Monthly Rental

Daily  Rental Extension (for weekly or monthly rentals)

4-seater that converts to a flatbed










Utility box










All carts are equipped with a Stanford permit, a top, light, windshield, chain, lock, club lock, and information sheet. Please note that $50 will be charged for each of the following occurrences:

  • Delivery or pick-up on a Saturday, Sunday, or on a holiday.

  • Less than three days notification to extend the return date of a golf cart.

  • Less than four days notification for an additional golf cart order.

  • Less than seven days cancellation notice.

Golf Cart Policies
If you are planning on driving a golf cart on campus, you must review the “Golf Cart Policies “document included in the 2012 Planning Manual which provides information on how and where you may drive a golf cart on campus. In addition, due to the increased amount of damage caused to our rented golf carts, an information sheet will be provided with each golf cart rental. Your signature will be required on the information sheet, verifying that you have read and understand the document’s contents.

Luggage porter service can be arranged to assist your participants with carrying their luggage from their designated registration location to their rooms during check-in and/or from their rooms during check-out. Your luggage porter request must be made in advance through your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator. The fee for a luggage porter is $15.00/hour.


  • Master Keys: A master key for opening all rooms in a residential building may be requested provided your program is the only current occupant of that residence. The key must be picked up from and returned to the Stanford Conferences office.

  • Kitchen/Kitchenette Keys: A few residences on the "Row" have kitchens that can be locked. In most Row Houses, arrangements can be made to use either the refrigerator or the full kitchen. Kitchen keys must be picked up from and returned to the Stanford Conferences office.

  • Duplicate Keys: On occasion, your program may need additional copies of a key (e.g., extra keys for the exterior door, office, or storeroom). There is a $9.00 charge for each duplicate key ordered for your program. All duplicate keys must be picked up and returned to the Stanford Conferences office.

  • New Locks: For security reasons, a program may wish to limit access to their building’s common area by changing the locks (e.g., a seminar room used as an office). The cost for this service is approximately $150 per lock, and varies based on the existing lock type and location.

  • Charges for Lost Keys:

  • Master Keys: If the key is not returned at the conclusion of your program, your conference assumes the cost of replacing each lock in the affected building. Depending on the number of rooms in a building, the cost for these lock replacements could run as high as $40,000+.

  • There will be a re-keying charge of $135 - $5,000 to change the lock for any key not returned at the end of your program. Although this fee covers duplicate keys, it does not cover master keys.

  • Specifically, a lost key for dormitory residential buildings is $135.00.  The charge for an apartment lost key is $250.00.

Linen pack rentals are available for programs that are not taking linen service. Packs include a set of bed linens and bath towels. Packs may be rented for $41 for 7 days or less, or $53 for 8 days or more. Quantities of 10 or more packs should be requested in advance through your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator. The charge for an unreturned linen pack is $150.