Sign Posting on Campus

Many conferences post signs on campus in order to direct their participants to the appropriate residence halls and meeting locations. We ask your cooperation in placing signs in a manner that complies with the guidelines stated below. Please note that your conference may incur charges for damages if these guidelines are not properly adhered to.


  • Any plans to hang banners or signs inside/outside the residences must be discussed with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator and with your building’s Housing Building Manager prior to your program’s start date.

  • Flyers or signs may only be posted with pushpins (no longer than 3/4” to 1”) or tacks on designated bulletin boards inside the residences. Please note that any walls requiring patching will be billed to your program for corner to corner and wall to wall painting.

  • Any banners or posters used in hallways, common areas, or in/on areas and surfaces of the house’s exterior must be flame retardant.

  • We have yet to find an adhesive that will not remove paint. Therefore, we encourage you to use pushpins (as referenced above), but to not use tape. If you must use tape (e.g., on a concrete wall), we suggest using a low adhesive tape such as blue painter's tape (available for purchase at Home Depot for $6-7/roll).


  • No written or printed material may be attached, in any way, to the interior of any building.

  • “Restricted” bulletin boards (inside classrooms or buildings) are limited to the use of designated departments or organizations. Use of these bulletin boards must be approved by the official representative of the respective department or organization.

  • f you need to post information in classrooms, auditoriums, or in lobbies, please confer with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator about easel rentals or obtaining permission from the official representative of the respective department or organization.


  • Posters, flyers, or signs may not be attached to any official traffic control device, traffic guidepost, traffic signpost, or historical marker without lawful authority (CA Vehicle Code: 21464).

  • Signs may not be placed on bollards, campus directional signs, doors, exterior building walls, fences (except where noted), light poles, parked cars or other vehicles located on campus grounds, sidewalks, streets, traffic signs trash cans, trees, windows, or over other posters advertising current events.

  • Signs may not be attached to the signs or to the sign holders being used by other conferences, Stanford Conferences, or any Stanford departments.

  • Event boards (gray colored) have been installed in strategic locations along campus roads for conferences and organizations interested in posting temporary signage (please reference the guidelines listed on the next page).

  • Temporary “sandwich boards” aka “A-Frames” and banners may be used in specified locations. Check with your Conference Account Manager/Coordinator for details regarding the use of these types of signage.

  • All signs must be removed no later than one day following the conclusion of the conference.

Event boards are located throughout the campus. The following guidelines appear on the back of the event boards:

  • Post signs only on the front of the event board.

  • Maximum sign size is 11” x 11”.

  • Install signs one to a cell on the event board.

  • One sign per board, per event. No duplicates.

  • All signs must include a teardown date.

  • Do not post over or obstruct other posters.

  • Do not use glue.

  • Remove old signs from cells before posting new ones.

  • Do not remove signs before their teardown date.

  • You may remove:

    • Any sign with an expired teardown date.

    • Any sign with no teardown date.

    • Any duplicated sign.

    • Any sign that obstructs another sign.

Organizations violating these rules may be charged a fee to cover the cost of staff sent to remove the signage and/or otherwise clean the posting areas.

Stanford University reserves the right to remove any item, for any reason, from the campus.