Dining Hall Gardens, Educational Farm, and Farm Stand

Manzanita Organic Garden

The organic garden outside Manzanita Dining


Through the student gardens, the Stanford Educational Farm, and the Stanford Farm Stand, the Sustainable Food Program cultivates healthy food for the community and provides an experiential model of the food system for students. Our student interns and employees learn about sustainable food production methods, distribution, marketing and sales. In addition to providing broadly applicable business and gardening skills, the gardens, Farm, and Farm Stand build community through shared work and experience.

R&DE Stanford Dining Organic Gardens

Organic gardens exist outside every major dining hall and they are managed by R&DE Stanford Dining’s Sustainable Food Program, with support from R&DE Stanford Dining student gardeners, using agroecological methods of food production. Food from the gardens is incorporated into the dining hall menus, although the gardens are primarily used to educated students about the seasonality of food, the botany of fruits and vegetables, and agroecological methods of sustainable food production.

The Stanford Educational Farm

The Stanford Educational Farm is a productive and educational space that provides Stanford students the opportunity to practice and learn about sustainable agriculture. The site—establish decades ago, and reinvigorated in 1997 through a student proposal—is currently situated within the Stanford Community Farm, but will be moving to a larger site in the coming months. For more information about the Stanford Educational Farm, go to http://farm.stanford.edu.

The Stanford Farm Stand

Local, organic produce is available year-round to the Stanford community every week at the Farm Stand, which is a collaborative enterprise between R&DE Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries and the Earth Systems Department in the School of Earth Sciences. The Stand sources seasonal produce from the Educational Farm and from ALBA Organics. For more information about the stand, look for updates on the R&DE Stanford Dining Facebook page.