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Stanford Dining Hall Ambassador
Workplace Safety Intern
Marketing Intern


Student Dining Hall Ambassador

Reports to General Manager of Dining Hall

Position Summary:
Dining Ambassadors (DAs) help to build and promote student community in the dining halls. DAs help to create a vibrant and active student dining community for the residents by promoting wellness, healthy eating, sustainability, residential life through community building activities and educational experiences, while being part of a team proudly serving great food. DAs will promote stewardship, understand and communicate university policies, be a point of contact and promote events and activities in the dining halls. DAs are residents of their local dining community and work directly with the dining hall staff to foster respectful, two way communications.

Top 3 Priorities:

  1. Enthusiasm & Stewardship
  • DAs act on behalf of R&DE Stanford Dining. This position's goal is to build a vibrant community in the dining halls by helping students connect during meals as well as make students excited to eat at the dining halls.
  • Be positive, respectful, and most importantly, have fun with the opportunities afforded to you by this position (Throw an ice cream social! Have a murder mystery dinner party! Work with your chef to cook some traditional cultural food!)
  1. Reliability & Responsibility
  • DAs are expected to assist with many events and functions throughout the year and to attend meetings. There exists an expectation to show up for all events and meetings, and to let your manager know otherwise.
  1. Consistency & Communication
  • When you commit to being a DA, people are counting on you.
  • Represent R&DE Stanford Dining and communicate the correct information and policies.
  • Keep an open and constant flow of communication between your dining hall staff, manager, students, and fellow DAs.

General Responsibilities:

  • Meet at least once a week with the dining hall managers to determine special events and address issues within the local dining community.
  • Seek input and gain feedback from students and other constituency groups, and follow through with your manager/chef.
  • Consider dining hall staff needs and concerns. This involves working with the employees, student groups, and dining team.
  • Attend and assist with all-campus DA meetings and events.
  • Become knowledgeable of the overall dining community.
  • Recognize issues, develop remedies, and undertake follow-up.
  • Act to fulfil the R&DE Stanford Dining mission statement.
  • Make periodic reports about projects and initiatives.
  • Promote wellness, sustainability, student community building events.
  • Act as Stanford Dining's representative and ambassador to all constituents and stakeholders.

Flexible hours. $14.50/hour + $50 Cardinal Dollars
In order to receive Cardinal Dollars, a full quarter of work
must be completed. Cardinal Dollars are added to SUNET ID
cards at the beginning of the following quarter.

To apply, email the Student Outreach Coordinator, Hanah Yendler, at to express your interest and be on the priority applicant list for fall quarter. In order to be a DA, you have to live in dining hall-associated housing (i.e. not Suites, a fraternity, Oak Creek, etc.).



Intern for R&DE Food Safety, Workplace Safety and Environmental Compliance Program:

  • Review and track workplace safety incidents in R&DE Stanford Dining and Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries.
  • Track and assist in managing Employee Safety Incentive Program
  • Assist in updating R&DE Workplace Safety, and Environmental Compliance Program documents
  • Assist in the development of PowerPoint presentations for Dining units Management and BU training.
  • Assist in conducting occasional workplace inspections in the dining units.
  • Research, Compile, and Document information from Stanford Department of Environmental Health & Safety, regulatory governing agencies, and other EH&S professional organizations
  • Perform any other duties assigned.


  • Undergraduate or graduate student in life or physical sciences, Human Biology, engineering, etc.
  • Interested in pursuing a career in Public Health
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Innovative and have a desire to learn in a fast-paced professional environment
  • Knowledge of computer software applications including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suites, web applications including social media.

Flexible hours, $14/hr, maximum of six hours per week.

Daniel Archer, MPH, REHS, Senior Manager of Food Safety, Workplace Safety & Environmental Compliance. Tel: (650) 724-5867. Email:



Reports to the Business Support & Assessment Manager

Have one or more of the below skills:

Photograph special events, direct and setup posed shots with staff, VIPs, and students; Edit, optimize, color correct photographs; Archive all photographs on shared server, upload selected photographs to social media sites

Manage social media efforts including Facebook, and Twitter posting, monitoring, routing and responding to comments and questions; Manage community building initiatives

Using Adobe design products, produce and update existing logos, ad layouts, brochures, booklets, flyers, signs, presentation materials, announcements, meeting materials, newsletters; search and source appropriate stock photography and perform necessary image editing to fulfill design concepts

Manage production of marketing materials; Circulate proofs for approval and ensured accuracy, assist in inventory management; Distribute and install collateral

Assist in audits of dining locations to determine signage and promotional needs
Assist in market research endeavors such as surveys and focus groups

Assist in execution of interactive and engaging dining events by incorporating creative decorations, games, and food; Assist with meal plan sales initiatives (students, faculty/staff, grad) 

Strong concept development and hands-on design skills
Technical skill in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, or Web Design
The ability to work and solve problems independently and to manage projects from concept to completion; Ability to handle multiple projects with varying schedules and meet deadlines comfortably; Attention to detail and accuracy of data; Ability to contribute as a member of a creative team

Flexible hours, approximately 10 hours per week, $14-$17/hr.

To apply, send letter/resume to: RE: Marketing Internship