About Stanford Hospitality and Auxiliaries

As R&DE's newest division, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries is a self-sustaining business unit generating revenues from students, faculty, staff, and campus guests accessing our retail and vending food operations, stadium concessions, catering services, meeting support services, and our campus hotel. Consistent with the R&DE mission, our revenues are directed back to the university to ensure the continuation of quality services for the Stanford community.

Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries is staffed by dedicated, fulltime employees. Underscoring our commitment to exceptional quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, our organizational hierarchy includes two senior positions reporting directly to the division's Executive Director: Quality Assurance Chef and Sustainability Coordinator.

Our division operates high-quality retail cafes selling fresh, nutritionally balanced regional and international cuisines prepared by award-winning chefs and served within attractive, relaxed settings. Heeding the varied food preferences and meal schedules communicated by our customers, we always include vegan and vegetarian selections on our menus, along with the option of dining beyond standard mealtimes: Tresidder Union and The Cafe at the Arrillaga Alumni Center maintain evening hours, while The Axe & Palm at Old Union is open until 2 am.  Olives@Bldg. 160, located downstairs in the quad, is a great place to sit outside for lunch on a sunny day. In addition to our retail cafes, foods and beverages can also be purchased from our 175+ vending outlets situated throughout the university, and from our Stanford Stadium concessions during home games.

With sustainability serving as a cornerstone of our operations, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries functions as a Certified Green Business regularly engaged in various environmental initiatives. Projects and activities currently underway include the growing of community gardens, use of equipment and processes that reduce solid wastes, recycling and composting at all of our locations, and ongoing efforts to convert used vegetable oil into bio-diesel fuel.

In early 2009, meeting rooms at the new Munger facility will be available for hosting various academically sponsored events. As campus event organizers make plans for utilizing this new facility, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries will assist their efforts through our team of meeting support specialists and through Stanford Catering's exceptional products, services, and event expertise.

Finally, Stanford overnight guests can enjoy comfort, convenience, and a world of amenities by residing in our campus hotel, the Stanford Guest House. Located in a serene setting directly across from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, our property offers 112 moderately priced air-conditioned, internet ready guestrooms for Stanford affiliated visitors. Shuttle service is available to transport guests to the main part of campus.


693 Pampas Lane
Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: 650-725-1510
Fax: 650-725-1507