Community Housing

Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Student Housing Assignments is pleased to sponsor the Community Housing office at Stanford.  It is our goal to assist in connecting students and other Stanford affiliates with available housing opportunities in the community and on campus.  We offer a listing service for off-campus housing, as well as a database to connect graduate students with sublicensing opportunities on campus.  About Community Housing

Off-Campus Listings:

The Community Housing office partners with Places4Students to provide ALL current and incoming Stanford affiliates with access to rental listings and property owners and managers with the ability to enter and manage their rental listings on-line. Stanford affiliates with Stanford email addresses can access the rental listings immediately after setting up an account with Places4Students. Incoming Stanford affiliates who do not yet have Stanford email addresses will need to request a temporary user name and password.

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Stanford's On-Campus Graduate Housing Sublease Database:

Student Housing has a sublease database to make it easier for graduate students to find sublease tenants for one academic term per year, with certain restrictions. Stanford students living in graduate housing may post a listing for their space in graduate housing. Stanford (non-undergraduate) affiliates who are looking for a short-term room or apartment may view the sublease listings. During the academic year, only students taking a vacation quarter or a one-quarter leave of absence may sublet their spaces in graduate housing. During autumn term, only enrolled matriculated graduate students may take an on-campus student housing sublet.

Stanford's New Roommate Matching Database - Teapot:

Stanford is piloting a new roommate discovery service called Teapot. Developed by faculty and students from Stanford’s Department of Management Science & Engineering, Teapot recommends roommates to you based on your expressed lifestyle preferences and your social network. You can view the profiles of other users to find out if your lifestyle preferences match theirs, and if you have any common background (e.g., you went to the same high school), shared interests (e.g., a mutual admiration of 19th century Russian literature), or shared connections on Facebook. You can contact potential roommates to get to know them better. If you find someone you’d like to have as a roommate, you can apply for the Stanford housing lottery together with them as a group, and/or consider off-campus housing options with them. Click Here to create your profile and to search for roommates.

Community Housing Office


Phone: (650) 723-3906
FAX: (650) 736-1297
Mailing address: 482 Galvez Mall, Suite #110, Stanford, CA 94305-6034
Community Housing Supervisor: Jennifer Padilla-Wong

(to place, edit, or remove listings)

Phone: (866) 766-0767

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