R&DE Student Housing, Stanford University

Welcome Home!

We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to stop by or call your local Housing Front Desk whenever you have questions about keys, building access, maintenance items, adjusting your bed height, lockout assistance, housing policies and procedures, meal plan information, vacuum cleaners, billing, general questions about the campus … or simply to say Hi!


Staying Safe

Unfortunately, thefts do occur on campus. To keep yourself and your neighbors safe, please:

  • Lock your room’s door and windows when you are not at home or not available to visitors (such as when sleeping)
  • Do not prop open building entry doors
  • Question strangers you see around your residence. If they don’t belong, ask them to leave and/or notify your Housing Front Desk or the campus police (9-911 from a campus phone) after hours
  • Let us know if a door doesn’t lock properly or if an exterior light is burnt out.  For non-emergencies, please submit an online fixit request.  If you have an issue that needs immediate attention, contact your local Housing Front Desk or the after-hours maintenance hotline at:    (650) 725-1602
  • Taking these few simple steps can help ensure the safety of you, your fellow residents, and everyone’s property. Thank you!

Helpful Information ….

Complete your room condition form (RCF).  Please take a moment to complete your online RCF.  This form gives you the opportunity to declare the condition of your room and its contents when you move in. Filling it out thoroughly will help you avoid being charged for pre-existing damage when you move out. Please complete your RCF by Wednesday, October 2 nd.

Looking for your in-room phone number?  Dial 7-CALL on your in-room phone.

In-room phone not working?  Check to make sure it is plugged into the TSO box and not the jack where the phone plate is attached to the wall or window sill.  If your phone is still not working, contact 7-HELP to schedule a repair appointment with ITS. If you are missing the phone set for your room, please contact your local Housing Front Desk to get one.

Need a repair in your room?  Complete an online repair request at fixit.stanford.edu.

Recycling containers for cardboard, mixed paper, cans, bottles, and plastics are located near the trash dumpsters outside of the building.

Want to change the height of your bed?  Your Housing Front Desk has tools you can check out to adjust your bed height.

For tips on decorating your room and avoiding charges, please visit  Personalizing Your Campus Home on the R&DE Student Housing website. 

Building heating systems are currently off.  Because Bay Area weather is quite mild during Autumn, we don’t turn the building heat systems on until it is consistently cooler.  You can keep your room or apartment warmer by opening your window drapes/blinds during the day, then closing them before the evening cools off. Wearing a sweater and putting extra blankets on your bed will help conserve energy.

If you are locked out…. See your Housing Front Desk during normal business hours and your RA after hours.  If you lose your keys and your room needs to be rekeyed, the charge is usually $114.  For Mirrielees apartments the rekey charge is $226 to $266 depending on the number of bedrooms.
After-hours lockout service is also available through the Housing Access Response Team (H.A.R.T.) by contacting (650) 725-1602. There is a $75 lockout fee for lockouts preformed by H.A.R.T.

Tips for Using the Card Access System:

  • Do not punch a hole in your SUID; use a card holder instead.
  • If you need a new SUID, please visit the Student Services Center on the 2nd floor Tresidder Union
  • If your card is not working, visit your Housing Front Desk.
  • Treat your SUID like a key:  if it’s missing or stolen, report it immediately to the Student Services Center.

Row Card Access Update (for Row residents only)

You may have seen new card readers near the entrances to your house when you returned to campus. The installation of wiring and devices for card access on the Row is nearing completion in most places, but timelines for activation of the system have not been finalized. Prior to activating the card readers, we will work closely with each house staff to set up system schedules and to update the communities on the project. Initial use of the readers will be through a "burn-in phase", where both keys and cards may be used.

All University residences are smoke-free environmentsSmoking is not permitted in the buildings.  Outdoor smoking areas must be at least 30 feet away from doorways, open windows, covered walkways, and ventilation systems to prevent smoke from entering the enclosed buildings.  Violations of this policy are reported to the Residence Deans.


Important Reminders from Housing Assignments

Welcome everyone!

Leaving for Winter Quarter? Not planning to Enroll Winter Quarter?  Undergraduates sign Residence Agreements for the entire academic year.  If you plan to study overseas Winter Quarter or plan not to enroll, you need to file a Termination of Occupancy form by October 25th, 2013 to avoid a late fee.  Only students who terminate their enrollment or enroll in a Stanford program away from campus (i.e., Stanford Overseas Studies, Stanford in Washington, or Hopkins Marine Station) are released from their housing contracts.  Students who move off campus while still enrolled will be held liable for rent for the entire academic year. You can apply to cancel your housing agreement and read more information about this process through the R&DE Portal in Axess.  

If you are planning on returning to campus Spring Quarter 2014 after having been away during Winter Quarter, you must apply for Spring Quarter housing by February 7th, 2014.

If you terminate your undergraduate contract at the end of Autumn Quarter, you must move out by 12 noon on December 14th,  2013.

Deadlines and Fees for filing a TOC notice for the end of Autumn Quarter 2013:
Oct 25th                         Last day to file a TOC without a fee
Oct 26th - Nov 29th      $100 fee to file a TOC
Nov 30th - Dec 6th       $250 fee to file a TOC
Dec 7th-Dec 29th         $350 fee to file a TOC
After Dec 29th              $450 fee to file a TOC after this date

UG Residences Close Over Winter Break
All undergraduate residences are closed over Winter Break.  No undergraduate student is allowed to remain in residence during this period, so plan your flight schedule accordingly.  If you are an international student and/or you cannot go home for Winter Break, we will offer some alternative housing, but you still will need to leave your residence. 

UG Residences close for Winter Break at 12 noon on December 14th, 2013.  The residences will reopen at 8am on Saturday, January 4th, 2014.  Make your winter break housing plans now.

Housing Assignment Questions?
Lots of housing related information can be found at http://studenthousing.stanford.edu. If you ever have a question regarding your housing assignment, feel free to contact R&DE Student Housing Assignments by visiting us at 482 Galvez Mall, Suite 110 (near Meyer Library and Coupa Café). Alternatively you can call us at 650-725-2810 or submit a help ticket at HelpSU.Stanford.edu.


Emergency Evacuation Drills

The first week of each quarter, R&DE Student Housing and the Stanford Fire Marshal’s Office work cooperatively to offer state-mandated building evacuation drills.  When the building alarm sounds, quickly gather your keys, shoes and coat, then evacuate to the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) for your building. The Fire Marshal’s Office will be activating the alarm and standing by the EAP with a stopwatch to record how quickly each building is evacuated.

For more information about what do in an emergency, please visit the Stanford Emergency Guide on the Environmental Health and Safety website.


Avoiding A Bedbug Infestation

A worldwide problem. Bedbugs are a growing, worldwide problem brought about by increased travel and decreased use of pesticides. Bedbugs have been found in five-star hotels, college residence halls, hospitals, and virtually all other types of housing throughout the United States.  Though bedbugs are very rare at Stanford, and we have had only a few isolated cases in recent years, we need your assistance to avert and contain future cases. As bedbugs are brought into buildings and into people’s belongings, here is what you can do to help:

*Read What You Should Know about Bedbugson the R&DE Student Housing Website for important information about the prevention of bedbugs and our response to this problem. 

*If you discover or suspect bedbugs, immediately contact R&DE Student Housing. Do not attempt to eradicate them yourself. Successful treatment must be carried out by a trained professional. Contact your Housing Building Manager or Front Desk Coordinator.  After hours, please call our maintenance emergency line at 725-1602.

  • Check crevices in suitcases and backpacks for bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Do not put your suitcases or backpacks on or underneath your bed until you have inspected them.
  • Wash and dry all clothing that you have taken with you on your trip before putting things away in your room/apartment.
  • Don’t bring second-hand furniture items home. They can be a common breeding ground for bedbugs.

For more information on bedbugs and pest control, please visit Dealing with Pests on the R&DE Student Housing website.


We are here to help! Our goal in R&DE Student Housing is to make your Stanford home a comfortable, clean and safe environment.
Let us know how we can help you today.