Application Process

Application Rounds & Deadlines for Academic Year 2014-2015

Application Round

Summer 2014

Autumn 2014

Winter 2015

Spring 2015


May 4, 2014,
6:00 p.m.

May 4, 2014,
6:00 p.m.

May 4, 2014,
6:00 p.m.*

May 4, 2014,
6:00 p.m.*

Waiting Lists

May 26, 2014

July 6, 2014**

October 24, 2014**

February 6, 2015**

Continuous Assignments

June 4 - July 25, 2014

August 14 - October 24, 2014

December 3 - February 6, 2015

March 11 - May 1, 2014

Disability Draw

April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014

*Apply by this deadline to get a first-round draw number and select a tier; applications are processed during the Waiting List round.
**You must apply by this deadline to maintain your guarantee of housing.

The Draw

The annual Draw is students' first chance to secure housing for the following academic year. The Draw opens each April and closes in early May. More information at

For Students applying outside the annual Draw

Before You Apply
Students should answer the following questions. Use the Application Worksheet to assist you:

Housing Application
Students apply for housing using their Axess accounts. All students who apply for housing must be eligible to live in Student Housing. 
NOTE: Coterminal students may be eligible to live in Graduate housing. Eligible Coterminal students are defined as students who, by the beginning of Autumn Quarter, (1) carry Coterminal status, (2) will have at least 180 units completed, and (3) do not have undergraduate guarantee years remaining. Coterminal students may not change between Graduate and Undergraduate Housing mid-year.
NOTE: Single undergraduate students who are 25 years of age or older must live in Single Graduate student housing.
How to Apply through Axess
To apply online using your Axess account you will need:

  • Your Stanford ID number
  • Your Stanford University Network ID (SUNet ID)
  • A web browser enabled with cookies and javascript.

To log on to Axess:

  • Go to
  • Locate the Housing and Dining section at the bottom of the page under "Academic External Links."
  • Select “R&DE Portal.”
  • Select “Apply for Housing”  and follow the prompts.

When to Submit Your Application/ Application Numbers
The first housing assignment round for any academic year is called the Draw. The Draw takes place in the April and May preceding the academic year. Students who need housing for Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarters should apply for housing by the Draw deadline in order to receive a first round Draw number (number between 1-3400). First round Draw numbers are the lowest (or best) application numbers. Students who are unassigned during the Draw will keep their first round Draw number if they apply by the Waiting list deadline for the quarter they need housing.
Students joining an assignment round after the Draw deadline receive a sequential application number above 3500 based on the date they submitted their application.
Submit your application
General Information
Upperclass students are allowed to apply for any of the houses on the Residence Chart. For details about individual houses see the Housing Options section.
Guidelines for your selection process

  • Co-ed: All houses in upperclass housing are co-ed except for Fraternities, Sororities, and Roth House (all female). Some houses allow men and women to share the same room (see Gender-inclusive Housing).
  • Room Types: Most houses have a variety of room types (see Residence Chart); specific room assignments take place during the in-house draw or they are assigned by Residential Education. (See Once You’re Assigned)
  • Four-class Houses: All residences available during assignment rounds are upperclass (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) except for Toyon, which is an all sophomore house, and the following four-class houses that include freshmen:
    • Roble Hall
    • Granada and Eucalipto in Lagunita Court
    • Alondra, Cardinal, Faisan, Loro, Gavilan and Paloma in Florence Moore
    • Ethnic Theme Houses (Okada, Muwekma, Ujamaa and Casa Zapata)

Making your Residence Choices:

  • Ranking Choices: When ranking residence choices on your housing application, you should list choices in order of preference. Individuals may use general choices to limit the number of houses you need to list (For example, select Any Crothers if you are interested in living in any room type within Crothers). Be careful when using these general choices. If assigned to a general choice you will receive the last assignment in the house. If you prefer a specific room type (single, two room double, etc.) you should list those choices before the general choice. You should list only choices to which you will accept an assignment. You should not base your choices on where you think you may be assigned but instead rank choices based on where you want to live. You are able to rank all available building and room types on your application. Note: You must specifically list Co-ops on your application in order to be considered for these options.
  • Final Choice and Guarantee: On your housing application, you must select a final choice. If you select the final choice of “assign me to any residence for which I am eligible," you are considered for assignment to any residence for which you are eligible. If you select the final choice "assign me only to the residences I have listed," and are not assigned, you will lose your guarantee of housing.
  • Keeping your Guarantee of Housing: In order to keep your guaranteed year, you need to:
    • Select “Assign me to any residence for which I am eligible,” as a final residence choice on all housing applications (Draw, Waitlist, Continuous Assignments)
    • Apply for the next assignment round if you are not assigned (i.e. If you are not assigned in the Draw, you need to sign up for the Waiting List round).
    • Not cancel your assignment. If at any time you cancel an assignment, you give up your guaranteed year and the application number you used on your application. See the guarantee policy for more information.
  • Listing Special Program Houses: Special Program Houses have particular criteria which you need to meet in order to apply for these residences. They also have requirements which you need to fulfill while living in the house. By listing a special program house, you agree to fulfill these requirements. If you do not fulfill the requirements, your assignment can be cancelled or you can be reassigned out of the house. (Exception: Students drawing into Ethnic theme houses, Focus Houses, and some non-Row Academic Theme Houses do not have to meet special criteria before they can list these houses on their applications; however, any student who is assigned into one of these houses is encouraged to participate in the theme.)
  • Applying with a Group: See the Group information page for more information.
  • Special Cases to consider in listing a residence choice:
    • Sophomores have an automatic priority to Toyon Hall.
    • Ethnicity plays a role in assignment to Cross-Cultural Theme Houses.  If a student’s ethnicity on their Axess account matches the ethnicity of a theme house, they will be given a preference for the house for up to approximately 50% of the assignments of the house.
    • During the Draw, priority for Suites assignments is given to groups of three and six (for six person suites) and four and eight (for four person suites). Students drawing alone or with smaller groups will only be assigned after the proper size groups have been accommodated. 

Make sure you:

  • Check the calendar for specific deadlines. If you want to be included in the pool of candidates your application must be on time.
  • Have read and understand the Residence Agreement, as you will be held to its terms if you submit an application for housing.
  • Select “Assign me to any residence for which I qualify” as your last residence choice if you wish to keep your housing guarantee for the year.

NOTE: Don’t wait until the last day to apply! Axess allows a limited number of students to log on at one time. The system can slow down during periods of heavy use.
If You Miss the Deadline(s)

  • If you miss the Draw deadline in May, you should apply for the Waiting List round for the quarter you need housing. If you miss the Waiting List deadline, you should apply for the Continuous Assignments round for the quarter you need housing. Please note that if you do not apply by the Waiting List deadline you will lose your guarantee for housing that quarter.
  • Check the calendar for Waiting List and Continuous Assignment application deadlines.

Absentee Paper Application

  • Students who are without access to the Web (unable to use Axess) should request and return an absentee housing application. This form is available in printed form, and can also be sent via email as a PDF file.
  • To request an absentee application, contact the Housing Assignments office. 
  • To enter the Draw, you must return the completed and signed application to Housing Assignments by the Draw deadline.  Any applications that reach Housing Assignments after the deadline will not be considered until the next assignment round.

You can contact Housing Assignments at (650) 725-2810, by fax at (650) 736-1297, through HelpSU, or via the US Postal Service at 630 Serra Street, Suite 110, Stanford, CA 94305-6034.
NOTE: In order for a paper application to be considered, you must be eligible for housing in the quarter for which you are applying.
Withdrawing an Application
You must withdraw your application by 5:00 p.m. on the day the application is due to avoid financial penalty. You should also know that if you withdraw your application you will no longer be guaranteed housing for that quarter.
Terms & Conditions
Applying for a housing assignment includes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Residence Agreement. The Residence Agreement is a legally binding document, which includes the following:

  • Length of agreement
  • Conditions under which a student could be released from contract
  • Rates, payments, and billing
  • Unauthorized occupancy
  • Cancellation information
  • Date by which student must take occupancy to fulfill contract
  • Information for living in housing

Misrepresentation of Facts
The University, with cause, may ask you to provide certifiable documents of facts detailed in your housing application or on your signed Residence Agreement. Any misrepresentation of facts for housing purposes is considered a violation of the Stanford University Residence Agreement and the Fundamental Standard of Student Conduct and may result in the loss of housing privileges and/or possible University disciplinary action.


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