Applying for Shared Apartments - Single Graduate Student Housing

Many of the on-campus options are shared apartments in which you have your own bedroom and share common space with one, two or three other students.

If you are new to Stanford and plan to live with one or more roommates, you can:

  • Apply for housing without specifying a roommate. The Housing Front Desk staff will review the roommate preference information in your application and match you with one or more roommates during the assignment process.

  • Apply for housing with a potential roommate or roommates you already know or have met through your department, Stanford student organizations, campus religious groups, or online roommate matching services. Once you have a specific roommate in mind, you should apply as a group on your housing application. There is no guarantee that all members will be assigned to the same residence, or to the same room or apartment within a residence.

Either way, complete the Roommate Preferences part of the housing application. The Housing Front Desk staff will use this information to provide you with a potentially-compatible match.

Stanford's New Roommate Discovery Service- Teapot

To help students connect with potential roommates for both on and off-campus housing, Stanford is piloting a new roommate discovery service called Teapot, developed by faculty and students from Stanford’s Department of Management Science & Engineering.

Teapot recommends roommates to you based on your expressed lifestyle preferences and your social network. You can view the profiles of other users to find out if your lifestyle preferences match theirs, and if you have any common background (e.g., you went to the same high school), shared interests (e.g., a mutual admiration of 19th century Russian literature), or shared connections on Facebook. You can contact potential roommates to get to know them better.

If you find someone you’d like to have as a roommate, you can apply for the Stanford housing lottery together with them as a group, and/or consider off-campus housing options with them. Click Here to create your profile and to search for roommates.

Living in Shared Housing

In some cases you may move into an apartment where another student has been living for a number of years. You should have access to an equal amount of space in the common areas.

You can find some helpful tips about living with a roommate on our website.

If you experience difficulties settling into your new apartment you can speak with your Housing Front Desk Coordinator or the Graduate Life Dean for your area.

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