Gender-neutral Housing

Gender-neutral housing allows friends of different genders to be assigned to the same two-room double, suite or apartment in one of the gender-neutral designated residences at Stanford during the academic year. There are no summer-only gender-neutral assignments for mixed-gender groups of friends. However, transgender students can apply through a confidential process; interested students should contact Housing Assignments.

Students interested in this option must:

  1. Apply for first round of assignments (Draw or Lottery) as you normally would, selecting the gender neutral housing locations you are interested in as your top choices

  2. Apply as a group with the roommate that you would like to share a room with and select group retention at least through your gender-neutral housing options.

  3. On your housing application, you will be asked an informational question about your interest in this program. Answering this question either way makes no difference in whether or not you are assigned to gender-neutral housing in the first-round of assignments. It merely is used for informational purposes.

  4. After you receive your room assignment, file a Gender-neutral Room Assignment Request.

    • Log on to Axess.

    • Click on the “R&DE Application” link in the Housing & Dining section.

    • Click “Forms and Petitions” on the main menu.

    • Select the request type “Gender-neutral Room Assignment Request.”

    • Fill out the form to make your request.

  5. Undergraduate students participate in the in-house draw to receive a specific room assignment. Graduate student room assignments are made by the Graduate Housing Front Desks.

Which Residences offer Gender-neutral Housing?

Residences that offer the gender-neutral option:


  • BOB (two-room doubles)

  • Branner (two-room doubles)

  • Castaño (two- room doubles)

  • Crothers (single rooms are designated gender inclusive because the bathrooms have increased privacy features which allow for gender neutral use) NOTE: Crothers has both gender-neutral and traditional bathrooms.)

  • Enchanted Broccoli Forest (EBF) (two- room doubles)

  • Governor’s Corner (four-person suites)

  • Mirrielees (two-bedroom apartments)

  • Narnia (two-room doubles)

  • Rains (two-bedroom apartments)

  • Terra (two-room doubles)

  • Yost (two- room doubles)


  • All Graduate Single Residences allow Gender-neutral/gender-inclusive Housing

Why were these residences chosen?

These residences were chosen because:

  1. Each residence has rooms available which allow each roommate to have a separate private sleeping space.

  2. These houses offer additional privacy in bathroom and shower areas.

Who can take advantage of this program?

This program is intended for students who wish to share a room or apartment with friends of a different gender. It is not intended for romantic couples, who are encouraged to apply for Couples without Children Housing. This program is effective during the academic year only. There are no summer-only gender-neutral assignments.

No Random Roommates

Students will not be matched with a random, opposite-gender roommate through this process.  This is why it is very important to file a Gender Neutral Room Assignment request in Axess after receiving your Draw assignment.

Roommate Pairings Match Room Size
Keep in mind that your intended roommate pairings must match the size of the room type you are assigned. Therefore, students wishing to have a gender-neutral/gender-inclusive room assignment:

  • Must form a pair if assigned to a two room double.

  • Must be a group of four if assigned to Governor’s Corner Four Person Suites. Note: This can be a subset of a larger draw group.

If I am not interested in living in a gender-neutral room, how will this program affect me if I am assigned to a gender-neutral house?

  1. This program may decrease the number of certain types of rooms available to single-gender roommate pairs.

  2. The number of two-room doubles available to single-gender roommate pairs in the house to which you are assigned will be decreased by the number of gender-neutral assignments.

  3. If you have a strong desire to live in a two-room double with a same-sex roommate, you may wish to list other residences higher on your list of choices.

What happens if one of the roommates cancels their assignment or leaves mid-year?

If one student cancels or leaves during the year, the remaining student(s) can request another roommate from students who have been assigned to the same housing location, or the entire space will revert to single gender (based on the majority of students remaining in the room/apartment). This may involve reassignments of some students.

Gender-neutral Housing and Transgender Students

Transgender students can either use the option available above or can apply for housing through a confidential process.

Confidential Process

Transgender students who need special accommodation due to gender identity/expression should contact Housing Assignments:

  1. The request will be handled through a confidential process and staff will not ask for more information than is required to meet students' housing needs.

  2. Placement priority will be given to students who notify Housing Assignments well in advance of the annual Draw or Lottery and who require accommodations based on their gender identity/expression.

  3. Later requests will be handled as appropriate spaces become available.

Housing Assignments recognizes that students are not all alike but have different needs and desires. We will address concerns on a case-by-case basis.

Roommate Conflicts

If a student has a conflict with a roommate because of their gender identity/expression, the student should see their Residence Dean (RD) first. Residence Deans are full-time, professional staff members who have taken part in training specifically on gender identity/expression issues. Other resources available include the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center.

Co-Op Housing Assignments

Co-Ops are self-governing houses and many determine their own independent room assignment process.  Some of the co-op houses operate by consensus and determine their room assignments accordingly.  Because these room assignments are made under the governance of the house, these houses often have some co-ed living arrangements that may or may not adhere to the Gender-neutral housing policies.  The University does not forbid mixed gender assignments in coops, but no student will be assigned to a mixed gender room against his or her wishes.  For more information on co-ops or on consensus room assignments, contact the House Managers of the individual co-ops.

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