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On this page, you will read about policy changes as well as upcoming construction and renovation projects that affect the application process for 2014-15.

The Housing and Dining Portal in Axess Moved
The link to Housing and Dining portal has moved within Axess. To apply for housing, edit or withdraw your application, terminate your assignment, file a petition etc., log into Axess ( and select Housing and Dining from the STUDENT drop down menu.

New Graduate Housing Open in Escondido Village (Kennedy Graduate Residences)
New graduate housing will open in Autumn 2014 creating much needed additional housing for graduate students in Escondido Village. The new housing is located inside Comstock Circle and is comprised of four new four-story buildings which will provide 436 new beds. They will offer a mix of apartment types.  There will be one building of premium studio apartments for couples or single students, two buildings of two-bedroom, junior studio apartments with shared kitchens (a double occupancy apartment where each student has a private bedroom and bath) for single students, and one building of two-bedroom, two-bath apartments for single students. There is also a new commons building that will include student meeting and social gathering space, laundry facilities, a computer cluster, a music practice room, a game room, a TV lounge and a housing front desk. The buildings are oriented around an open pedestrian plaza and landscaped walkways. The final stages of construction will be completed in the summer of 2014. Project website: http:\\ The options will be listed under Escondido Village on the Lottery application for 2014-15.

Student Housing Offering Only Furnished Apartments
In the past we have had a small number of unfurnished apartments for Couples without Children and Students with Children. We are no longer offering unfurnished apartments. Current residents in unfurnished apartments can continue in their apartments, but we will not be making any new unfurnished assignments.

Escondido Village Radiant Heat Renovation for 2014-15
For several years now, Student Housing has been progressively replacing the radiant heating (slab heating) systems in the Escondido Village low-rise buildings with new hydronic heating systems. Residents of buildings 4, 7, 17, 19, 27, 31, 32, and 33 will need to move during the 2014-15 year in order for the next phase of renovation to proceed. Students are guaranteed alternate housing when the project reaches their building.

To complete the renovations, it is necessary for us to move students into other housing before their buildings are renovated. Renovations will begin on building 27 in January and building 31 in February.  Buildings 33 and 4 will be renovated during Spring Quarter, one at a time. Buildings 7, 17, 19, and 23 will be renovated during the summer, two at a time. Residents will move progressively as the renovations are completed.

Barnes Renovation Project
We are planning a renovation project for Barnes that will take place during spring and summer 2015. This project will improve the kitchens, install a new fire sprinkler system, and replace the water heating boiler and roof.

To complete these renovations, it will be necessary for us to move students who are living on the first and second floors of Barnes into different housing assignments at the end of the Winter Quarter 2015 (during spring break). After we renovate the first and second floors, the students living on the third and fourth floors will move permanently into the renovated apartments. We will continue to move the next two floors down into the renovated apartments until we work our way up through the eighth floor. We will start with the first two floors the beginning of Spring Quarter 2015 and finish the eighth floor by the end of August 2015. Student Housing will provide you with boxes and moving assistance when your floor is scheduled to be renovated. Each set of two floors will take about five weeks to renovate.

At the end of Winter Quarter 2015, the residents of the first and second floors of Barnes will be offered priority for reassignment to any of the vacancies that are available in graduate housing for Spring Quarter 2015. We will send out more detailed information to those students after the start of the 2014-15 year.

Rains House Renovation Starting Summer 2015
We are planning to renovate the Rains Houses progressively over five different summers, starting in 2015. To complete the renovations, it is necessary for us to move students into other housing before their buildings are  renovated. Renovations will begin during the Summer Quarter. Residents will move at the beginning of the summer to vacancies in other Rains apartments.

Coterminal Student Priority
We have completed a review of the co-terminal (co-term) student housing policy and are making some changes that may impact you when you apply for housing for 2014-15. For the past few months, R&DE Student Housing has consulted with many University constituents to review the co-term housing policy. Our goal was to allocate housing to co-terms and new graduate students in a more equitable manner, given the increasing demand for graduate housing. These conversations have included the Graduate Department Administrator Working Group, Graduate Student Council, Graduate Housing Advisory Committee, senior University administration, and a focus group of current co-term students.

The goal of this review was to ensure equity between first-year graduate students who are new to campus and co-terminal students who are new to graduate housing but have had the benefit of living in University housing for four years. After the review, the optimal solution was determined to be the creation of a new, second tier priority level for co-term students that allows new graduate students to be assigned first, followed secondly by co-term students who are past their four undergraduate guaranteed housing years, and finally continuing graduate students. This new priority will allow co-term students to be assigned after new graduate students and students renewing their housing, but before continuing graduate students who are seeking University housing.

Beginning with the 2014-15 Draw and Lottery held in Spring Quarter, co-terms who wish to live in University housing will continue to stay in undergraduate housing for their four years of guaranteed housing. If they do not finish their co-term program in these four years, they will be eligible to apply for graduate housing with the new assignment priority level. Although co-terms will not be guaranteed a fifth year of University housing, we believe that we will be able to house many co-terminal students with this new second priority level.

Co-terms' chances of being assigned graduate housing depends entirely upon the number of first-year graduate students admitted, the number of continuing students who are able to renew, and the spaces available in student housing from year to year. In order to increase your chances of being assigned you should apply by the graduate lottery deadline, be willing to live anywhere (including living in off-campus subsidized housing), and be willing to wait for a housing assignment until all new graduate students are assigned. We can also assist you with off-campus housing options through our Community Housing staff members.

We wanted to be sure you were informed early about this change so you have time to consider your options for next year. We hope you can appreciate the reasoning behind the policy revision and the thoughtful process undertaken with a wide variety of affected groups or representative student organizations before initiating this change. We have additional information about the policy available for you at

Unauthorized Sublicensing
Students are generally only able to sublicense (sublet) their apartments during the summer to verified Stanford affiliates who have been approved by Housing Assignments. Over the last year, numerous students and University administrators have brought to our attention that some graduate students are abusing the privilege of living in graduate housing by inappropriately sublicensing their housing space to others. We know that most graduate students appreciate living on campus and abide by the policies that are designed to create a supportive and safe community. Unfortunately, others have chosen an inappropriate approach for their own personal gain by sublicensing to unauthorized individuals not associated with the University or sublicensing to students who want to circumvent the Waiting List. Some are also doing this for financial profit by charging more than the rent that they pay for the unit. Students unable to be assigned to campus housing are particularly upset given that these spaces could have potentially been assigned to them through the regular assignment process.

We are asking the entire graduate community to assist us in stopping this practice. Students who have chosen to disregard established sublicensing policies for their own personal gain are retaining housing space they do not need at the expense of others who want to live on campus. Please contact Housing Assignments if you know of a suspicious sublet or unauthorized occupant.

If students choose to engage in an unauthorized sublicense agreement they should be aware that they may not only be violating the Student Housing Residence Agreement but also the University’s Fundamental Standard. Students engaged in unauthorized sublicensing agreements (contract holders and any unauthorized student sublicensees) will be charged an unauthorized sublicense fee, need to move out of housing immediately, and permanently lose their on-campus housing privileges. If applicable, their case will be turned over to the Office of Community Standards. In some cases, students may be required to pay back any financial gain that they have received by sublicensing their apartment.

We understand the benefits of having a short-term sublicensing program for students who need to study away for a short period of time, and so we are planning to keep our current sublicensing program. However, we do need to enforce sublicensing policies so we are better able to meet unmet housing demand from students enrolled and studying at the home campus. If you are interested in creating an authorized sublicense agreement, please refer to the sublicensing website.

Subsidized Off-campus Housing
Stanford has secured off-campus leases at twelve apartment complexes in Menlo Park and Palo Alto to help meet the demand for housing this year. These subsidized off-campus apartments will be offered along with the on-campus options in the waiting list and continuous assignment rounds of housing assignments. You may add them to your list of preferences in Axess after the first round Lottery. These units will be furnished and your subsidized housing charges will include Internet and utilities. These apartments are available through the Spring Quarter 2015 and potentially can be extended for the summer. These apartments were leased to help meet the demand from guaranteed first-year students so you cannot renew the apartment for next year. A chart of information about the complexes and detailed descriptions, prices and pictures of the individual complexes are available under the Housing Options section of this website.

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