On-Campus Housing

Faculty/Staff Housing, 725-6893, Owen House, 552 Lane A
Sale of homes on campus. Open to faculty and high level staff only.

Kingscote Garden Apartments, 323-5503, 419 Lagunita
Privately owned apartments on the Stanford campus next to the Faculty Club. Rentals open to Stanford affiliates only. Send e-mail to kingscote@sbcglobal.net.

Pearce Mitchell Condominiums
Individually owned condominium units located near the corner of Mayfield and Campus Drive. Rentals open to faculty and high level staff only.

Peter Coutts Condominiums
Individually owned condominium units located in the faculty housing area near Page Mill Road. Rentals open to faculty and high level staff only.

Robinson and Company, 854-2700
This is a property management firm that Stanford employs. They may have listings of on-campus houses or condominiums available for rent for periods of 6 months or longer.

Welch Road Apartments, 1180 Welch Road
Rentals open to Stanford medical non-student affiliates only, such as residents. Information is sent to medical affiliates in their contract packets, and applications are accepted through the end of April. For availability or to check eligibility, contact the Graduate Medical Education Office at (650) 723-5948.

On-Line Resources

Craig's List is a world-famous on-line community bulletin board

SU Post is an on-line bulletin board that restricts the ability to post to Stanford affiliates. However, anyone can read the posts.

HotPads is a map-based real estate search engine.

On-Line News Sites with Rental Ads

Country Almanac, 854-2626
A weekly newspaper mailed to residents of Atherton, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, and Woodside. They do not have large numbers of ads, but are a good source of rentals in the more woodsy areas... especially for cottages.

Palo Alto Weekly, 326-8210
Palo Alto's local newspaper. To see rental listings, scroll down and choose "Marketplace," then "Classifieds," then "For Rent." New issues come out in paper form on Wednesdays and Fridays, but on the Web they are available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

SFGate/Chronicle Rental Listings
An on-line news site that also contains classified ads . Has classified housing by various categories (ie furnished, unfurnished, peninsula, etc...)

San Jose Mercury News
A regional on-line news site. Best for listings of housing south of Palo Alto. Uses apartments.com.

Los Altos Town Crier. Los Altos' local newspaper.

Palo Alto Daily News. Daily newspaper for Palo Alto.

Stanford Report, 725-3124
Stanford's faculty/staff newspaper published weekly (on Wednesdays) during the academic year and biweekly during the summer. Available free on the Stanford campus or by subscription for a fee. Classified ads include housing available, housing needed, housing to share, and housing exchange.

Bulletin Boards

Housing listings can be found on bulletin boards located in most department offices, around the campus on kiosks, and at many local businesses. Listed below are some bulletin boards with substantial listings.

Medical Center, Hospital Auxiliary, 723-1776, 1-4 p.m.
Listings located on the bulletin board on 3rd floor stairwell, west wing near gift shop. Patients and their families may contact the Clinical Social Work Office, 723-5091.

Medical School Student Affairs Office
There is an informal bulletin board located outside of the Medical School Student Affairs office; it is not officially maintained, but any undated postings are removed as soon as they are discovered. The office is located in the Medical School Office Building (MSOB), at 251 Campus Drive #341.

Landlords wishing to rent to visiting medical students and visiting medical students needing short-term housing can contact Zera Murphy at (650) 498-4945.

Other Bulletin Boards
Look for notices of rentals posted on the windows or bulletin boards of cafes, grocery stores, and bookstores. Robert's Market in Woodside is a good example of a grocery store with a well-used bulletin board.

Services for Specific Populations

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community Center, 725-4222, Old Fire Truck House, Santa Teresa
Housing listings (mostly shares) are posted on a bulletin board inside the center.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), 926-4133
For SLAC personnel only. Personalized service.

Other Resources

Driving Through Neighborhoods
Drive through the neighborhoods that interest you, and look for signs in front of apartment buildings. Most places with an apartment for rent will post a sign. This is an excellent resource if you want to live in a specific neighborhood, or if there are few rentals available and you want to have an advantage over people who are only using the Community Housing listings and the newspapers.

Referrals from Friends
Ask friends and acquaintances if they have heard of a place that is vacant or about to be vacant.

Rental Services
Use the services of a rental service, but be aware that results cannot be guaranteed and that there is sometimes a fee. To locate such services, look under "Real Estate Rental Service" or "Apartment Finding and Rental Service" in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Interactive Tools

Insurance Comparisons. From InsWeb: auto, home, renters, life.

Moving Calculator. From HomeFair: use this calculator to estimate interstate or local moving costs.

Salary Calculator. From HomeFair: use this calculator to compare the cost of living in different cities.

Information for Renters

Nolo Press: Law for All. Self-Help law information.

School Reports. From HomeFair: information on school districts

Great Schools. A guide to selecting a school district that suits your family's needs.

Yahoo! San Francisco Bay Area. Information on local businesses, entertainment, employment, recreation, and other subjects.


If you find that any information provided here is not up-to-date, please notify Community Housing.

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