Rooms. One of the least expensive housing options is to rent a room in a house, often with a family or older person. Use of house facilities (e.g. laundry, kitchen, yard) varies greatly, and may be severely restricted. Rooms are often furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, etc. Occasionally rent can be reduced or eliminated in exchange for yardwork, housework or childcare.

Average Rent 7/11: $867

Places to Share. This can be an apartment or house where the current occupants are seeking housemates to fill a vacant room. Rent varies greatly, depending on the type of rental and the number of people sharing. In most shares, each person has a private bedroom and the rest of the rental is shared equally. Rooms in shared households generally are unfurnished.

Average Rent 7/11: $788

Apartments. Most apartments are part of a complex, but occasionally they are separate units in a house or attached to a house. Apartments may include some or all of the following amenities: pool, laundry facilities, private patio or balcony, and private parking.

Average Rents 5/11:
Studio $1,305
1 bedroom $1,548
2 bedrooms $2,080
3 bedrooms $2,943

Cottages. A small house, usually on the property of a larger house occupied by the owner. Cottages are in very high demand because of their relative privacy.

Average Rent 7/11:
Studio $1,091
1 bedroom $1,450
2 bedroom $2,736

Houses. A house offers greater space and privacy than any other option, but is expensive. Houses are more likely than apartments or condominiums to have (individual) garage parking and yards.

Average Rents 7/11:
2 bedrooms $2,506
3 bedrooms $3,089
4 bedrooms $4,124

Condominiums. These are apartment-like units owned by individuals and rented out. A condo usually has many amenities, but is otherwise just like an apartment. They are somewhat more expensive than apartments.

Average Rents 7/11:
2 bedrooms $2,826
3 bedrooms $2,883

Work Exchange. A room in a house is sometimes exchanged for work (usually yardwork, housework, or childcare.) The hours required and use of house facilities vary greatly. To avoid misunderstandings, a written contract of work expected and hours required is a good idea.

No rent or reduced rent.

Temporary. A listing in any of the above categories where the unit is available for three months or less.

Rent varies. 

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