The transportation arrangements you select are determined, in part, by the distance you live from campus. There is limited public transportation, and an automobile is highly desirable. However, about 85 percent of commuting students find a place within five miles of campus, and about one-third regularly bike to school. Stanford's famous sunny climate, relatively flat terrain, and miles of bike paths permit a bicyclist to live several miles from campus (though winter rainy periods can be difficult). For most students living within three miles of campus, the central campus (Quad) is less than a 20-minute bike ride away.

Stanford's Parking and Transportation Services office has a Web site with access to local bus and train schedules, Stanford's Marguerite shuttle schedule, bicycle information, and information on purchasing parking permits. The office is located at 340 Bonair Siding, telephone (650) 723-9362.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority has maps showing bike routes in the area, including near Stanford (see map A) . Many Stanford affiliates use these bike paths to get to campus.

Another option is to carpool. This is an especially attractive option if you are considering living in San Francisco. Parking and Transportation Services can provide carpool and vanpool matching. Contact Margie Tellez by e-mail at RIDES also has a matching service to hook you up with a car or van pool.

Searchable Campus Map. An online searchable map of the Stanford campus.

Mapquest. Mapquest is an excellent interactive atlas with very detailed maps of the United States and relatively detailed maps of the rest of the world. Follow this link, fill in the address for which you are searching, and press the search button. Zip code is not required.

When found, the location is indicated by a star. Please note that sometimes the star is not at the exact location but may be off by one or two streets. Use the Zoom button to see a close-up map of the street for which you are looking. For driving directions, press the Driving Directions button, and fill in the requested information.

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