Stanford Greek house

Once you pledge to a residential fraternity or sorority, you are required to:

  1. Live in the house until the house has 100% occupancy
  2. Pay all required fees according to the individual House Preference Program for your fraternity or sorority
  3. Pay your room, board, and telecommunications bill as listed on your university bill

NOTE: In pledging to a Greek House, you give up your access to Tier 1 (best tier) and Tier 2 (middle tier) numbers for the Draw. Living in Greek housing is considered premier housing and it is assumed that all members will live in their fraternity or sorority for at least two years.

Fraternity/Sorority Rush and Assignment

  1. Assignment to residential fraternities and sororities is made through Fraternity/Sorority Rush.

  2. If you accept a bid to a residential fraternity or sorority, you may not enter the Draw unless you have not been offered a space in the house according to the chapter Housing Preference Policy (HPP).

  3. If you do not receive a bid or if you decide not to accept a bid, you may still enter the Draw but must apply by the Draw deadline in May.

  4. Check the Calendar for both Sorority and Fraternity rush dates in April.

Housing Assignment Guidelines

  • A guaranteed year of housing is automatically used when you live in a fraternity or sorority (as a member or non-member boarder), or if you enter the Draw or join the Waitlist to live in University Housing.

  • All members (living in a Greek house or otherwise) will always draw into Tier 3.

  • Housed fraternities and sororities are responsible for providing housing to their members with guaranteed years remaining and are required to fill 100% of their housing spaces for Autumn- and Winter Quarters.

  • Fraternity or Sorority members who per the terms of the houses Housing Preference Policy, cannot be assigned to their house for a second year, after drawing outside of their house at tier 3 once, may petition to get their second tier back for use during their senior year. These petitions must be recieved by Housing Assignments at least 1 week prior to the application deadline.

  • Members who do not wish to continue living in the fraternity or sorority should consult with their fraternity/sorority president before applying for Upperclass Housing.

  • Members who leave in the middle of the year to go overseas, graduate, or stop-out must file a termination of occupancy form (TOC) with Housing Assignments. Members must turn in their key to their Housing Front Desk and vacate their room on the date that their contract ends. Failure to do so will result in late fees and/or rent after leaving housing. Giving your keys to or telling your House President, or other house staff members, that you are leaving does not relieve you of the responsibility of notifying Student Housing.

  • Be aware, you may jeopardize your fraternity/sorority's housed status if you do not live in the house. The house is responsible to pay for 100% occupancy for each quarter and will be billed for any vacancies in the house on the Friday of the fifth week of the quarter.


Students within Fraternities and Sororities are billed room, board, and telecommunication charges on their university bill through Housing Assignments. (The exception: Sigma Chi is charged ground rent because they own their house).

Officers of fraternities and sororities are responsible for the collection and payment of all debts incurred by the group minus any monies charged and collected directly from students. With the approval of the Assistant Director for Row Residential Staff, officers may place a hold on the enrollment of any student who owes more than $50 to the house. If you wish to appeal a hold, you should contact the Assistant Director for Row Residential Staff at the Row Office,

Greek Membership

Each student who pledges a fraternity or sorority assumes the following responsibilities and restrictions:

  • Students who pledge are not eligible to enter the Undergraduate Housing Draw, unless they are released by the chapter in accordance with their Housing Preference Policy.

  • They relinquish all claims to guaranteed/preferred years in the Undergraduate Draw system and understand that remaining guaranteed housing will be provided by the chapter.

  • A student may be pulled back into the house from any on-campus Draw assignment if the chapter falls below its occupancy.

  • If a student deactivates or de-pledges, they may be subject to one quarter's, or pro-ration thereof, house-board operational cost and rent.

  • If a student deactivates or de-pledges, they may petition for return of remaining guarantee years and tier levels. (Usage of Tiers 1 and 2 are subject to posted draw deadlines.)

  • Students who pledge a house during their senior year cannot be considered in the house-occupancy total and are only given housing as a boarder.

  • All members are responsible for reading and understanding the chapter’s Housing Preference Policy.

  • All members are bound by the Residence and the Supplemental House Agreements.

NOTE: If a housed fraternity or sorority fails to meet its membership requirements during Rush, the house may be included in the Draw as a University-assigned residence. Regarding the fraternity/sorority's status, prospective members should consult directly with 1) the fraternity or sorority, or 2) the Fraternal Affairs Advisor of the Office of Student Activities.

The Fraternity/Sorority Houses

All-Male residential
fraternity system at Stanford

  1. Kappa Alpha 

  2. Kappa Sigma 

  3. Phi Kappa Psi

  4. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

  5. Sigma Chi

  6. Sigma Nu 

  7. Theta Delta Chi

All-Female residential
sorority system at Stanford

  1. Delta Delta Delta 

  2. Kappa Alpha Theta

  3. Pi Beta Phi 

While all residential fraternities and sororities are part of University housing, each house

  1. is self-governing,

  2. sets its own budget, and

  3. admits its own members.

Consequently, questions about particular costs, work requirements, facilities, and pledging and initiation requirements should be addressed to members or officers at individual houses.

If you’re Interested in

  • learning more about the Greek system, you are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Activities on the second floor of Tresidder Union or consult the OSA web site at:

  • boarding at a fraternity or sorority as a non-member, you should contact the house president. Boarders must be approved by Housing Assignments and are only allowed if the rest of undergraduate housing is 100% full.

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