Eating Farm Fresh

How To be A Locavore

You are a locavore when you become a patron of local, farm-fresh produce. Buying locally saves energy by cutting down on transportation costs associated with long-distance shipping. Also, many people think farm-fresh tastes, smells, and looks better than produce found in supermarkets.

Here are two ways to buy farm fresh on campus:

  • Visit the produce stand at Tresidder. Every Friday from noon to 5:00 p.m. during the growing season, you can buy farm-fresh organic fruits and vegetables at Stanford Dining’s produce stand in front of Tresidder Memorial Union.
  • Pre-order organic produce. Two Small Farms, based in Watsonville and Hollister, supplies organic vegetables, greens, strawberries, flowers, and herbs to members of the Stanford community who have joined the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Members buy a share in the output of the farms and pick up weekly shipments delivered to a distribution point in Escondido Village.

Student Housing sponsors the site as part of its portfolio of services provided to Stanford student residents, faculty, and staff. A student-sponsored group (not affiliated with Student Housing) also operates a produce pickup site at Stanford West Apartments.

Learn more/join CSA

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