Stanford's Green Events

Conservation Cup
Save energy. Save water. Win prizes. Join the Conservation Cup held each Winter Quarter and hosted by Student Housing, the Green Living Council, and Students for a Sustainable Stanford. It challenges students in residence halls and houses to compete with each other to reduce energy and water. Winners get prizes and bragging rights. Look for an email about the contest at the start of each Winter Quarter. 2010's winners have been announced.

Abandoned bike auction
For transportation, consider buying a bike that has been abandoned on campus. Each year, Stanford auctions these bikes, which have been collected by the police department and repaired/reconditioned by the campus Bike Shop. They cost about $15 to $125.00—only what they cost to fix and license. Often, you can get a bike worth much more.

Goodwill cleanup
Each year Student Housing and Goodwill Industries of Silicon Valley host a cleanup during Spring Term when students are moving out. Donated items receive welcome second lives and are diverted from local landfills. Also, the resale of donated items enables Goodwill to provide training and employment for local community members. Look for dates and drop-off locations in the Student Housing calendar and newsletters.

To raise awareness and educate people about sustainability on campus, Students for a Sustainable Stanford host an outreach festival in front of Tresidder Union in the spring. Student Housing participates in the festival, which centers on Stanford’s sustainability efforts and promotes environmentalism with posters, fliers, and freebies such as cloth-made grocery bags.

Earth Week
In a combination fair, forum, and educational expo, Stanford’s annual Earth Week celebrates environmental successes and explores solutions to our pressing environmental issues. Hosted each April by Stanford’s Environmental Representatives and Students for a Sustainable Stanford, the week-long series of lectures and activities encourages people to become more conscious both of their buying habits and their impact on the environment.

Living Green
New recycling guidelines! Now all plastics are recyclable, in addition to aluminum cans, glass bottles, all paper that tears, corrugated cardboard, and other materials. For more information on acceptable materials, including disposal of e-waste, please visit

We Recycle. Stanford Wins. For the fifth consecutive year, Stanford will participate in RecycleMania, a nation-wide, eight-week competition aimed at minimizing waste at colleges and universities. With an increased focus on education and individual recognition, Sustainable Stanford launched a campus-wide campaign to promote RecycleMania, which runs from February 6th to April 4th, 2011. Waste audits reveal that approximately 20% of the material found in the university’s trash dumpsters is actually recyclable—the goal during RecycleMania is to decrease that by at least half, and the process, improve Stanford’s ranking against peer institutions! A weekly raffle drawing will recognize individuals who did not throw any recyclable items into the trash. All members of the Stanford community are eligible for the raffle. Please visit the RecycleMania campaign webpage for further details and the entry form.

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