Reuse, Borrow and Rent

From Books to Bikes

  • SU Post. Look online at SU Post for the things you need. Only Stanford affiliates can post ads on the site, which lists items for sale such as bikes, furniture, textbooks, baby equipment, and more.
  • The and Look for used bikes, furniture, appliances, textbooks, and other items at these Stanford-only bulletin boards.

To access them, you’ll need Usenet newsreader software such as Netscape Navigator’s "Netscape News" window, and access to a Usenet news host that receives the newsgroup.

Learn how to connect to this and other newsgroups either from the Stanford network or from off campus.

  • Village Rental Co-op (VRC). Any member of the Stanford community can rent camping gear, baby equipment, futons and roll-away beds, games and sports equipment, steam cleaners, vacuums, and more from the Village Rental Co-op (497-5088). Located in the basement of Abrams House in Escondido Village, the VRC is open Monday evenings.

See rental inventory.

  • International Student Loan Closet. International students may borrow basic housekeeping equipment such as pots, pans, dishes, and bedding from the Community Committee for International Students (CCIS) Loan Closet, located in the basement of Abrams House in Escondido Village. Registration is $20 per couple, $10 for single students.

The Loan Closet is open by appointment. Contact the I-Center Information Desk at 723-1271.

  • The Freecycle Network offers a way for people to donate, rather than throw away, no-longer-needed items to their local communities. In one year alone, this grassroots effort diverted more than 300 million pounds of stuff (stacked garbage trucks would have stood four times the height of Mount Everest) from landfills.

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