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Winter Break 2013-14

Undergraduate residences close on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 12 pm (noon) and reopen on Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 8 am.

Plan your departure schedule to leave by 12 pm on Saturday, December 14 to avoid an unauthorized occupancy administrative fee.  Any student found inside the residences between 12 pm on 12/14 and 8 am on 1/4 will be charged an unauthorized occupancy fee of $175 per day.

Please note:  Building access is restricted during Winter Break and you will not be able to enter the residences after 12 pm on December 14.

Toyon Hall

Winter Break Inspections

During the break, Student Housing staff will inspect ALL rooms to check for maintenance, health, and safety issues.

Particular attention will be given to lofted and bunked beds. Please make sure that you have the required safety rails (front and back) and support rails in place.

For lofting instructions, please go to:  http://lofting.stanford.edu

Safety violations such as incense, candles (burned and unburned), fire equipment tampering (e.g., missing/disconnected smoke detectors, covered/missing evacuation maps, decorations/hangers attached to fire sprinklers or fire sprinkler cages and/or pipes), disconnected door closers, and pets will be noted, and administrative fees may be issued. An inspection notification will be left in each room. Please review the inspection notifications for any required follow-up and/or corrective actions that may have taken place over winter break.

For more information on housing policies, please refer to the Residence Agreement, available on-line at: http://studenthousing.stanford.edu/apply/residence-agreement.


Room Condition Forms

If you are changing rooms or moving into a new residence, please take a moment to complete the online room condition form at http://roomforms.stanford.edu. This form gives you an opportunity to declare the condition of your room and its contents when you move in. This helps to avoid being charged for pre-existing damage when you move out.

Student Room

Preparing Your Room for Winter Break

Don't forget to pack important items, such as medications, eyeglasses, passports, cell phone and charger, plane tickets, etc.!


Refrigerators:  Conserve energy by emptying and unplugging your personal in-room refrigerators before break. Remember to defrost before you leave to avoid damage to carpet/floor from melting ice. Prop open the refrigerator door to avoid smells and mildew problems.

Please note that you do not need to unplug kitchenette or apartment refrigerators.

Security: Make sure all of your windows and doors are locked. Put valuables away.

Avoid Ant Infestations: Empty your trash and recycling before you leave and put food in sealed containers. If you discover ants in your room or common areas, let us know by entering a fix-it request at http://fixit.stanford.edu.

Heat, Lights, and Electricity: Heating systems are shut down and lighting is reduced, but power will remain on during winter break. Please help us conserve energy by unplugging all unnecessary items (alarm clocks, computers, game systems, etc.).

Bicycles:  Bikes found in common areas (e.g., lounges, hallways) will be moved to the exterior bike parking areas.

Newspapers:  Suspend your newspaper deliveries. Time and paper is wasted as housing staff pick up and discard uncollected editions.

Gas Powered Vehicles:  Do not leave gas-powered vehicles (e.g., mopeds, motorcycles, scooters) in your room or anywhere else in the house. They are fire hazards and will be impounded if found indoors.

Cleaning:  Please leave your room/apartment in generally clean condition. If you'll be getting a new roommate in January, make sure that person's space is available for them.


Moving to a New Building or Room?

Moves must be completed by Saturday, December 14 at 12pm.

Don't forget to check out from your old assignment if you are transferring or moving out. Your room key must be turned into your local Housing Front Desk by noon on Saturday, December 14 to avoid a rekey fee. If the Housing Front Desk is closed when you come by to turn in your key, please utilize the after hours key drop on the exterior of the Housing Front Desk building.

Please note that leaving your key in your room, giving it to a house member, or to the new occupant of the room does NOT officially check you out of the room. Your key must be returned to your local Housing Front Desk.

If you are a new resident for the Winter Quarter, you may check in to your assignment starting at 8 am on Saturday, January 4.

The Row Front Desk at Lasuen will be open Saturday, January 4 from 8 am to 5 pm and Sunday, January 5 from 1 pm to 5 pm for Winter Quarter housing check-ins.

If you need storage for the break or the quarter, please visit http://storageservices.stanford.edu for options and contact information.

Lasuen HFD

Winter Break Front Desk Hours

Undergraduate Housing Front Desks will close on
Friday, December 13 at 5 pm and will reopen on Monday, January 6 at 8 am.

If you have an urgent Front Desk issue during the Winter Break, you may contact the Row Front Desk at (650) 723-8004.

Please note that all offices (including the Row Front Desk) will be closed on December 24 and 25, and January 1.

Note:  Residents checking into Oak Creek for Winter Quarter will check in at an alternate location. Oak Creek check-in information will be sent directly to residents who are assigned to Oak Creek. If you have any questions regarding an Oak Creek assignment, please contact the Florence Moore Housing Front Desk at 736-9988.

Roble Hall

Roble Package Center News

Please note that the Roble Package Center will close at 7 pm on December 13 and will reopen at 3 pm on January 6.

Due to carrier regulations, any packages not picked up or packages that are sent over the break will be returned to sender.

We are here to help! Our goal in R&DE Student Housing is to make your Stanford home a comfortable, clean and safe environment.
Let us know how we can help you today.

Have a Fun and Safe Winter Break.

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