Shirley Everett

Commitment to Wellness

"Body, Mind and Spirit"

In partnership with the University’s Wellness Collaborative, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries, as a division of Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) is deeply committed to enhancing the quality of life of its employees and the people it serves. Focusing on body, mind and spirit, the R&DE Commitment to Wellness Program empowers students, faculty and staff to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their families. By partnering with Stanford’s Department of Athletics, Physical Education, Recreation and Wellness, and key campus stakeholders, such as the University’s HeathImprovement Program (HIP), among others, this program presents a wide array of exceptional resources to promote physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well-being.


The R&DE Commitment to Wellness Program encompasses:


Student Housing provides multiuse spaces in and around Stanford’s residences where students, faculty and staff can engage in individual and team sports and wellness activities, including programs under development such as the Stretch and Flex Plan to prevent workplace injuries, and the R&DE Walk and Talk an innovative alternative to sedentary conference room meetings. R&DE is also closely aligned with the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, Recreation and Wellness which offers extensive health and fitness resources to the campus community, such as On the Road - Wellness Sessions, the Fit 5 Wellness Program and numerous state-of-the-art athletic facilities.

Healthy Cuisine and Nutrition Education

In addition to Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries nutritious menu offerings including organic produce, hormone-free meats, vegan and vegetarian selections, international cuisines and a wide range of healthy dishes, and in support of the R&DE Commitment to Wellness Program, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries provides numerous educational programs that help students, faculty and staff better understand the origins of the food they eat. For example, the EatWellinitiative connects the Stanford community with local growers, fisherman and other members the Bay Area’s agriculture industry to raise awareness about sustainable food and farming practices.


Through partnership with the Stanford Federal Credit Union (SFCU), R&DE connects staff members at all levels with financial training opportunities and personal finance assistance programs that facilitate fiscal wellness, including home-buying seminars, personal finance workshops, personal trust seminars and a broad array of loan programs.  Stanford Federal Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial institution, was originally started by Stanford faculty and staff to provide banking services to the Stanford community.  SFCU has been serving Stanford employees and students for nearly 50 years.

Personal and Professional Development

In line with our belief in the principle of staff development, R&DE has created a multitude of programs to cultivate talent and advance staff at all levels. Managed by R&DE Human Resources, these programs include the R&DE Leadership Series which teaches leadership skills such as emotional intelligence and the power of leadership styles to enhance effectiveness, and the R&DE Succession Planning and Talent Management Program which seeks to identify and develop high-potential employees within the organization to be competitive candidates for key positions. R&DE also strives to facilitate a culture that promotes a balanced work/home life (another of R&DE’s principles), and to develop ways to measure our performance to continue to achieve greater success.

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