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Minor in Energy Resources Engineering

The minor in Energy Resources Engineering requires the following three courses plus three additional electives. Courses must be planned in consultation with an ERE adviser. Appropriate substitutions are allowed with the consent of the adviser.

Required courses:

ENERGY 101. Energy Resources and the Environment


ENERGY 120. Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering


ENERGY 161. Statistics for Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences


Elective courses (at least 3 courses from the list below):

ENERGY 102. Renewable Energy Resources

ENERGY 104. Technology in the Greenhouse

ENERGY 121. Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow

ENERGY 125. Modeling and Simulation

ENERGY 130. Well Log Analysis

ENERGY 141. Practice of Geostatistics and Seismic Data Integration

ENERGY 146. Reservoir Characterization

ENERGY 153. Carbon Capture and Sequestration

ENERGY 169. Geothermal Reservoir Engineering

ENERGY 175. Well Test Analysis

ENERGY 180. Production Engineering

GEOPHYS 182. Reflection Seismology

GES 151. Sedimentary Geology

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