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This archived information is dated to the 2009-10 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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CTL Services to Faculty, Lecturers, and Teaching Assistants

CTL provides the Stanford community with services and resources on effective teaching. Our goals are: to identify and involve successful faculty, lecturers, and TAs who are willing to share their talents with others; to provide those who are seeking to improve their teaching with the means to do so; to acquaint the Stanford community with important innovations and new technologies for teaching; to prepare new faculty and TAs for their responsibilities; to contribute to the professional development of teaching assistants; to expand awareness of the role of teaching at research universities; and to increase the rewards for superior teaching. CTL is also responsible for helping departments with designing effective TA training programs.

Resources available to faculty, lecturers, and TAs include: videotaping, microteaching, and consultation; small group and other forms of mid-quarter evaluation; workshops and lectures; a handbook on teaching and a library of teaching materials; quarterly teaching orientations; and work with individuals, groups, and departments on their specific needs. For further details, see CTL's teaching handbook or the CTL brochure, both available by calling (650) 723-1326, or see

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