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Sophomore College

Offices: Sweet Hall, Second Floor

Mail code: 3068

Phone: (650) 723-4338


Web Site:

Sophomore College offers sophomores the opportunity to study intensively in small groups with Stanford faculty for several weeks before the beginning of Autumn Quarter. Students immerse themselves in a subject and collaborate with peers, upper-class sophomore assistants, and faculty in constructing a community of scholars. They are also encouraged to explore the full range of Stanford's academic resources in workshops and individually. At its best, Sophomore College is characterized by an atmosphere of intense academic exploration. Each Sophomore College course enrolls twelve to fourteen students, who live together in a Stanford residence and receive two units of academic credit. Eligible students will have been enrolled for no more than three academic quarters; be sophomores in the Autumn Quarter during which the college is offered; be in good academic standing; and have completed at least 36 units of academic work by the end of the Spring Quarter preceding the college. Students must also have an on-campus housing assignment for the ensuing academic year and intend to enroll in the Autumn Quarter. Admitted students who are found to have academic standing problems after the completion of Spring Quarter may have their admission revoked. The Sophomore College program fee covers tuition, room, board, books, and class-required travel arranged by the program. The total fee is $1400, but all students automatically receive an $800 scholarship. Each student pays the remaining $600, which is included in the University bill. Financial aid is available. Students are also responsible for travel to campus (or to another site for some off-campus seminars), phone, network activation fees, and other personal expenses. Courses are announced in March, and applications are due in April. For a list of Sophomore College Seminars offered in 2009-10, see the "Sophomore College [SCS] Courses" section of this bulletin. For more information or to apply, see

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