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Minor in the School of Engineering

An undergraduate minor in some Engineering programs may be pursued by interested students; see the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs, or consult with a department's undergraduate program representative or the Office of Student Affairs, Terman Engineering Center, room 201. General requirements and policies for a minor in the School of Engineering are: (1) a set of courses totaling not less than 20 and not more than 36 units, with a minimum of six courses of at least 3 units each; (2) the set of courses should be sufficiently coherent as to present a body of knowledge within a discipline or subdiscipline; (3) prerequisite mathematics, statistics, or science courses, such as those normally used to satisfy the school's requirements for a department major, may not be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor; conversely, engineering courses that serve as prerequisites for subsequent courses must be included in the unit total of the minor program; (4) departmentally based minor programs are structured at the discretion of the sponsoring department, subject only to requirements 1, 2, and 3 above. Interdisciplinary minor programs may be submitted to the Undergraduate Council for approval and sponsorship. A general Engineering minor is not offered.

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