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Master of Science in the School of Engineering

The M.S. degree is conferred on graduate students in engineering according to the University regulations stated in the "Graduate Degrees" section of this bulletin, and is described in the various department listings. A minimum of 45 units is usually required in M.S. programs in the School of Engineering. The presentation of a thesis is not a school requirement. Further information is found in departmental listings.

Master of Science in Engineering

The M.S. in Engineering is available to students who wish to follow an interdisciplinary program of study that does not conform to a normal graduate program in a department. There are three school requirements for the M.S. degree in Engineering:

  1. The student's program must be a coherent one with a well-defined objective and must be approved by a department within the school.
  2. The student's program must include at least 21 units of courses within the School of Engineering with catalog numbers of 200 or above in which the student receives letter grades.
  3. The program must include a total of at least 45 units.

Each student's program is administered by the particular department in which it is lodged and must meet the standard of quality of that department. Transfer into this program is possible from any program within the school by application to the appropriate department.

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