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Thematic Concentration in American Diversity

The American Diversity concentration is designed for students who wish to explore how the United States was and is constituted with relation to issues of race and ethnicity. The concentration investigates how American domestic and foreign policy, law, history, culture, and society are formed within conversations, debates, policies and studies regarding race and ethnicity. Issues of immigration, citizenship, empire and expansion, defense, diplomacy, human rights, public welfare, social justice and law, educational rights and other topics are explored from the angle of how racial and ethnic difference impacts debate and policy.

The concentration is not declared on Axess; it does not appear on the transcript or diploma. Students interested in the American Diversity thematic concentration should contact the CSRE undergraduate program office.

The American Diversity concentration requires 15 units including two approved CSRE core courses and CSRE 200X, Senior Seminar (WIM), taken Autumn Quarter of the senior year. One foundational course may be counted toward the 15 unit core requirement. In addition to the core curriculum, students complete 45 units of course work relevant to the thematic concentration.

Students may find the following courses useful in fulfilling requirements in the American Diversity thematic concentration.

CSRE 201B/CHICANST 201B. From Racial Justice to Multiculturalism: Movement-based Arts Organizing in the Post Civil Rights Era (5 units)

CSRE 203A. Changing Face of America: Strategies for Civil Rights and Education in the 21st Century (5 units)

EDUC 177. Education of Immigrant Students: Psychological Perspectives (4 units)

EDUC 201. History of Education in the U.S. (5 units)

POLISCI 141. Global Politics of Human Rights (5 units)

POLISCI 327. Minority Politics (5 units)

SOC 164. Immigration and the Changing United States (5 units)

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