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Financial Mathematics

Director: Tze Leung Lai

Steering Committee: A. Dembo, K. Giesecke, T. Lai, A. Owen, G. Papanicolaou, J. Primbs, K. Singleton

Core Faculty:

Business: D. Duffie, J. M. Harrison, K. Singleton

Economics: T. Amemiya, P. Hansen, M. Kurz, J. Shoven

Electrical Engineering: T. Cover

Management Science and Engineering: K. Giesecke, P. Glynn, D. Luenberger, J. Primbs

Mathematics: S. Brendle, A. Dembo, P. Diaconis, G. Papanicolaou

Statistics: T. Cover, A. Dembo, P. Diaconis, D. Donoho, T. Lai, A. Owen, B. Rajaratnam

This is an interdisciplinary program that provides a master's level education in applied and computational mathematics, statistics, and financial applications to individuals with strong mathematical skills. The departments of Mathematics and Statistics, in close cooperation with the departments of Economics, and Management Science and Engineering, as well as the Graduate School of Business, provide many of the basic courses.

Graduate Program in Financial Mathematics

The department offers a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics. University requirements for the M.S. are described in the "Graduate Degrees" section of this bulletin.

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