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Minor in Medieval Studies

An undergraduate minor in Medieval Studies is available through the program. Students interested in completing the minor should inquire about enrollment procedures at the program office.

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Language: in addition to the University foreign language requirement, at least a one quarter course in a classical and/or medieval vernacular language is recommended, which may count as one of the five required courses for the minor listed under item 2b.
  2. The minor consists of six courses, which include:
    1. MEDVLST 165, Crusades: Interdisciplinary Approaches (core course). If 165 is not offered in a given year, students may petition to take a substitute course if necessary. Petitions should be directed to the Director of Medieval Studies.
    2. an additional five courses dealing directly with the Middle Ages. If the student's major department or program offers medieval courses, he/she should take two of them for the Medieval Studies minor, but those courses may not also count for the major. At least three courses must be taken outside the student's major, selected from two or more of the following categories:
      1. Language and Literature
      2. History
      3. Art History, Drama, Music
      4. Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies
      5. From among the Medieval Studies faculty, the student chooses an adviser who assists in the selection of courses and the design of the program.

Courses applied to the minor in Medieval Studies must be taken for a letter grade. Courses applied to the minor cannot also be applied to a student's major or another minor.

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