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Minor in Symbolic Systems

Students may minor in Symbolic Systems by completing either item 1 or item 2 below.

  1. One course in each of the following core areas (please note that several of these courses have prerequisites):
    1. Cognition: SYMSYS 100* or PSYCH 55
    2. Logic and Computation: PHIL 150 or 151, or CS 103 or 154
    3. Computer Programming: CS 106B, 106X, or 107
    4. Philosophical Foundations: SYMSYS 100* or PHIL 80
    5. Formal Linguistics: LINGUIST 120, 130A, or 180
    6. Artificial Intelligence: CS 121 or 221
  2. SYMSYS 100, plus an interdisciplinary SSP concentration listed on the SSP web site at To qualify, the selection of courses used for the minor must be interdisciplinary; it must either include courses from at least three departments, or include more than one course from each of two departments.

* SYMSYS 100 may not be counted for both areas 'a' and 'd'.

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