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This archived information is dated to the 2009-10 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Health Services Research

Director: Mark Hlatky (Professor, Health Research and Policy, and Medicine)

Executive Committee: Laurence Baker (Professor, Health Research and Policy), M. Kate Bundorf (Assistant Professor, Health Research and Policy), Alan Garber (Professor, Medicine), Mary Goldstein (Professor, Medicine), Mark Hlatky (Professor, Health Research and Policy, and Medicine), Douglas Owens (Professor, Medicine)

Participating Faculty and Staff by Department:

Anesthesia: Alex Macario (Professor)

Business: Alain Enthoven (Professor, emeritus), Daniel Kessler (Professor)

Health Research and Policy: Laurence Baker (Professor), Paul Barnett (Consulting Associate Professor), M. Kate Bundorf (Assistant Professor), Victor Fuchs (Professor, emeritus), Trevor Hastie (Professor), Mark Hlatky (Professor), Philip Lavori (Professor), Richard Olshen (Professor), Ciaran Phibbs (Consulting Associate Professor), Joseph Selby (Consulting Professor), Robert Tibshirani (Professor)

Law: Henry Greely (Professor)

Management Science and Engineering: Margaret Brandeau (Professor)

Medicine: Jay Bhattacharya (Assistant Professor), Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert (Assistant Professor), Alan Garber (Professor), Mary Goldstein (Professor), Michael Gould (Associate Professor), Paul Heidenreich (Associate Professor), Mark Hlatky (Professor), Grant Miller (Assistant Professor), Douglas Owens (Professor)

Pediatrics: Paul Wise (Professor)

Psychiatry: Rudolph Moos (Professor)

Sociology: Richard Scott (Professor, emeritus)

Program Offices: HRP Redwood Building, Room T138C

Mail Code: 94305-5405

Phone: (650) 723-5456


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