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Overseas Studies Courses in Public Policy

For course descriptions and additional offerings, see the listings in the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site ( or the Bing Overseas Studies web site ( Students should consult their department or program's student services office for applicability of Overseas Studies courses to a major or minor program.

Autumn Quarter


OSPPARIS 124X. Building the European Economy: Economic Policies and the Challenges Ahead. 5 units, Jacques Le Cacheux, GER:DB:SocSci

Winter Quarter


OSPCPTWN 35. The Political Economy of AIDS. 5 units, Nicoli Nattrass


OSPFLOR 78. An Extraordinary Experiment: Politics and Policies of the "New" European Union. 5 units, Leonardo Morlino, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobalCom


OSPOXFRD 18. Making Public Policy: An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Politics and Economics. 4-5 units, Robert McMahon, GER:DB:SocSci


OSPPARIS 153X. Health Systems and Health Insurance: France and the U.S.—a Comparison. 4-5 units, Jean-Marie Fessler, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobalCom


OSPSANTG 86. Global Issues, Local Politics, and American Foreign Policy. 4-5 units, Thomas Fingar

OSPSANTG 160X. Latin America in the International Economy. 5 units, Ignacio Briones, GER:DB:SocSci

Spring Quarter


OSPCPTWN 40. Education in the Post-Apartheid City. 4 units, Aslam Fataar


OSPPARIS 33. The Economics of Climate Change: Policies in Theory and in Practice in the EU and the US. 5 units, Christian de Perthuis, Benoit Leguet, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobalCom

OSPPARIS 59. Plagues of Europe: How Infections Have Shaped Politics, Society, and Biology in France and Beyond. 4 units, Julie Parsonnet, GER:DB:SocSci


OSPSANTG 119X. The Chilean Economy: History, International Relations, and Development Strategies. 5 units, Oscar Munoz, GER:DB:SocSci

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