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Office of Accessible Education

Office: 563 Salvatierra Walk

Phone: (650) 723-1066; TDD (650) 723-1067

Web Site:

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) is the campus office designated to work with students, faculty, and staff to put in place appropriate accommodations for all Stanford students with disabilities, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels (including the professional schools). The OAE provides a wide array of support services, accommodations, and programs to remove barriers to full participation in the life of the University.

In reaching its determinations about appropriate accommodations, the OAE considers factors such as the documentation from professionals specializing in the area of the student's diagnosed disability, the student's functional limitations, and the student's input and accommodation history in regard to particular needs and limitations. The OAE then works with the student and relevant faculty and staff through an interactive process designed to achieve an accommodation that meets the needs of all parties.

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