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This archived information is dated to the 2010-11 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Minor in Drama with Dance Concentration

A student declaring a minor in Drama with a Dance Concentration must complete 30 units of course work in Dance/Drama. Upon declaring the minor, a proposed course of study must be submitted by each student in consultation with the Dance Director, Janice Ross,, and approved by her no later than one quarter following the declaration. Declaration of the Drama/Dance Minor should also be made on-line at

The minor includes the following core requirements, and an individual program of study shaped in consultation with the minor adviser in Dance, Janice Ross. Please note that the special elective dance classes are offered every year; the list below includes some, but not all of the classes that fulfill the requirements. Other classes may be substituted with adviser's consent.

Requirements—30 total units

  1. Technique Classes: Studio Classes: Minimum of six studio dance classes (10 units)
    1. A concentration of at least three classes chosen from a specific dance form (e.g., Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Social), and the attainment of intermediate or advanced level (at least two classes) in a style other than the concentration
  2. Dance Studies Classes: Minimum of two courses (8 units) of the following
    1. DANCE 156H. Dance and Theatre: Twentieth Century German Encounters (4 units)
    2. DANCE 160. Dance and History: From Postwar to Postmodernism (4 units)
    3. DANCE 197. Dance in Prison: The Arts, Juvenile Justice, and Rehabilitation (4 units)
    4. DANCE 191 or 290. Special Project (3-5 units)
  3. Choreography/Repertory/Performance Classes (4 units)
    1. DANCE 27. Faculty Choreography (1 unit)
    2. DANCE 30. Chocolate Heads (1 unit)
    3. DANCE 52. The Dance Jam: Process and Performance (1 unit)
    4. DANCE 56. Ballet Repertory (1 unit)
    5. DANCE 57. Dance Repertory (1 unit)
    6. DANCE 100. Student Choreography (1 unit)
    7. DANCE 105. Contemporary Afro Styles and Dance Making (1 unit)
    8. DANCE 106. Essence of Contemporary Dance Performance (1 unit)
  4. Drama Core Courses: Minimum of 2 courses (8 units)
    1. DRAMA 30. How Theater is Designed (4 units)
    2. DRAMA 34. Stage Management Techniques (2 units)
    3. DRAMA 101H. How Theater Thinks (4 units)
    4. Drama 101P. How Practice Practices (4units)

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