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Childbirth Accommodation Policy

Women graduate students, including students in professional schools, anticipating or experiencing a birth are eligible for an academic accommodation period of up to two consecutive academic quarters (in total) before and after the birth, during which the student may postpone course assignments, examinations, and other academic requirements. During this period, they are eligible for full-time enrollment and retain access to Stanford facilities, Cardinal Care, and Stanford housing. Such students are granted an automatic one quarter extension of University and departmental requirements and academic milestones, with the possibility of up to three quarters by petition under unusual circumstances. Women graduate students supported by fellowships, teaching assistantships, and/or research assistantships are excused from regular TA or RA duties for a period of six weeks during which they continue to receive support. Students do not receive a stipend or salary if none was received previously, but are eligible for the academic accommodation period and the one quarter extension of academic milestones. For more information and a complete statement of the policy, see

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