About Us


Welcome to Stanford's community center for faculty, senior staff and their families.

Come enjoy the close-knit sprit that belonging to our small Welcome girlscommunity athletic club uniquely offers.

SCRA prides itself on the many programs offered to our member families.

The swim program is year round for children. In the summer members participate in the Peninsula Swim League (PSA) with other area clubs.( Foothills, University Club, Fremont Hills, Alpine Hills, and Ladera Oaks Club).

Private lessons are offered year round.

The tennis program offers both private and group lessons for children and adults year round. We also offer a year round junior team which competes annually in the Midpeninsula Junior Interclub League and USTA Junior League. Adult league teams compete in USTA League play. We also conduct several round robins and club tournaments each year.

For more information call (650) 736-SCRA (7272) or email SCRA@Stanford.edu

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