Board of Directors

We look forward to a time of renewal and growth at SCRA and want you to know that all members are encouraged to become involved in making SCRA a warm community hub that is valued and enjoyed by all.


Current Board Members: Previous Board Members:

Jan Rossi - President

Board Member 2012-Present

Corinne Thomas - Membership Chair

Board Member 2012-2014


Catherine Wilson - Vice President & Activites Chair

Board Member 2013-Present

April Traintis -Activities Chair

Board Member 2012-2014

Obul Kambham - Treasurer

Board Member 2013-Present

Leslie Fiedler

Leslie Fiedler - Former President 2012

( Board Member 2011-2013)

Justin Annes- Tennis Chair

Board Member 2013-Present

Jeannie Meyer

David Drover - Former Aquatics Chair & Fiance Chair

( Board Member 2011-2013)

Scott Fendorf - Aquatics Chair

Board Member 2013-Present

Robert Kessler -Former Tennis Chair

( Board Member Years of Service 2008-09 & 2011-2013)

Julie Wilcox-Secretary & Facility Chair

New Board Member 2014

David Engstrom - Former Secretary & Facility Chair

( Board Member 2011-2013)

Janet Gibson- Membership Chair

New Board Member 2014

Steve Pokorny

Steve Pokorny - Former President 2011

( Board Member Years of Service 2010-2011)

    Rob Daines

Rob Daines - Former Secretary

(Board Member Years 2010-2011)

    Jim Fearon

James Fearon - Former Co-Fiance Chair

(Board Member Years 2010-2011)



Kathy Gurtner

Kathy Gurtner - Former President 2010

Years of Service (2008-2010)





Joe Lipsick

Joe Lipsick - Former Tennis Chair

Years of Service ( 2009-2010)



Sharon Dauskardt - Former Co-Finance Chair

Years of Service (2009-2010)




Steve Coutre - Former President (2004-09)

Years of Service (2004-2009)



Jeannie Meyer

Jeannie Meyer - Former Membership Chair

Years of Service ( 2009-2010)





Scott Atlas - Former Vice President

Years of Service (2004-2008)



Bob Kessler

Robert Kessler - Former Tennis & Secretary Chair

Years of Service (2008-2009)



Chris Cartwright -Former Secretary

Years of Service (2006-2008)


Rita Koltai

Years of Service (2006-2008)


Cindi Kingsley - Former Tennis Chair

Years of Service (2005-2007)



Corey Levens - Former Treasurer & Aquatics Chair

Years of Service (2005-2009)


Maureen McNichols - Former Treasuer

Years of Service (2004-2006)

Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Byron Reeves - Former Aquatics Chair

Years of Service (2004-2006)


Marci Reichelstein - Former Memberships Chair

Years of Service ( 2004-2009)


Barbara Zhang

Years of Service (2004-2005)


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