Swim Committee
The Swim Committee will advise the SCRA Advisory Committee and help set club policy regarding all swim activities at SCRA. We will work closely with Aquatics Director regarding policies for lap swimmers, year round & summer swim team, swimming safety, and pool maintenance issues related to SCRA.

Tennis Committee
The Tennis Committee will advise the SCRA Advisory Committee about usage rules, operation of the tennis facilities, and special activities revolving around the use of the tennis courts working closely with Tennis Director.  Tennis players, or parents of players, who want to be "in the swing of things"... are encouraged to join.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee will advise the SCRA Advisory Committee about building a cohesive, connected SCRA community that ensures the quality and longevity of SCRA through fair, yet adequate, revenues from members and guests. The foundation of our work will be in developing an accurate and detailed membership database. From these records we will analyze our current revenue base and make future decisions on the pricing of initiation fees, monthly dues, and guest fees.

Facilities Committee
The Facilities Committee will help advise the SCRA Advisory Committee on planning and supervising the maintenance, repair, of the new facility and grounds including the tennis courts, swimming pools, member locker rooms, administrative offices, and common spaces, as well as the outdoor landscaped portions of the club.

Activites Committee
The Activities Committee will advise the SCRA Advisory Committee on the planning and supervising club activities and socials throughout the year. We are always looking for new ideas and events to host so if you have an idea or event please contact us at or call  650-736-SCRA (7272).

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