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Visitors to the club that are not in a family membership are considered guests.

The guest fee for any guest (all ages) is $5.00 Every member family household will receive one guest pass card good for 20 guest per calendar year. As before this is an honor system and any member violating this privilege will have card revoked with fines and possible loss of membership. Additional card(s) can be purchased for $100 by contacting or coming to the clubhouse office located at 875 Bowdoin Street. Each guest pass card must be issued out to a primary or secondary member with proper ID and signature through the clubhouse office during the day 9am-5pm M-F or by appointment by contacting Guest Card Pass 2017

The following apply:
  • The guest fee for any guest (all ages) is now $5.00
  • Every member family will also receive 5 free guest passes per calendar year

Members' Responsibilities for Guests
All members and guests must be registered on arrival at the club front desk. Members must sign in and accompany guests at all times during their visit to SCRA. Guests must follow same guest rule of no more than three visits per week or get prior approval from management for anything more. Guests that are eligible for membership must be registered with management office.

Adult children (25 and over) of SCRA Members may sign themselves in as guests without being accompanied by a member. However, they must pay guest fees and honor all guest rules. These privileges do NOT extend to the spouse nor children of SCRA Member's adult children. See Extended Family Membership for information on a membership that provides full club access in this situation.

Guests may not bring other guests.

Guests on the tennis courts must be playing with a SCRA Member.

Child Care Providers
Club privileges are not offered to child care providers except when they are accompanying member children. Please update your member profile with the names of your childcare providers so they may gain access to the club.

The Manager, or in his/her absence, the next highest level SCRA employee, shall have complete authority, and may if necessary, deny the use of the pool or grounds to anyone whose actions jeopardize the safety or comfort of members or guests. Members should feel free to call the management and staff attention to problems involving the safety or comfort of those using the pool or grounds.


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