Club Manager:

Stephen T. Robe - General Manager
Stanford Campus Recreation Association (SCRA)

Steve received his Masters of Sports Administration & Facility Management in 1991 & Bachelors of Business Administration, 1989 from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Born at Stanford when his father T. Richard Robe went to school here receiving his PHD in Engineering 1965. Steve has always been around a college campus from University of Kentucky where his father was a professor of Engineering to a brief time at Edinburgh University in Scotland when father was a visiting professor, to Ohio University when father was Dean of Engineering. With three siblings two that went to Escondido Elementary sister Julie from Atlanta, GA; brother Kevin from Sedona, Arizona; (both learning to swim at SCRA in its earlier years.) younger brother Edward from Columbus, Ohio.

Steve has a rich background in sports and recreation from going to the Little League World Series as a boy to completing his Master’s degree in Sports Administration & Facility Management from Ohio University. He also received Athlete of the Year honors from his High School in Athens, Ohio also voted by his classmates as most athletic eventually being inducted into the schools' Hall of Fame in 2007 lettering three years in Varsity Football and three years of Varsity Baseball including District and State Honors in both sports. Currently he is active with Menlo Park Recreational Department as a manager of a softball team. Previous involvements include Palo Alto & Mountain View Recreational Departments as manager of league teams with championships in each. Supports and follows Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA at Stanford) philosophy to create better athletes & better people.

At Stanford Steve has worked in Event Operations & Facility Management, Marketing, and various other special events such as the 1994 & 1999 World Cup Games and off-campus events such as the 1996 Olympics Games in Atlanta, GA working as sector coordinator at the crown jewel Olympic Stadium currently Turner Field Stadium home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

Steve married Amy Berryessa on the Stanford Campus on August 1st, 2004. Amy's family (Berryessa) are eight generation Californians. Amy has worked for Palo Alto Unified School System as a Counselor to a Job Coach for high school and adults programs of special needs at VA Hospital & Hope Services locations. Currently Amy is a stay at home mother ot two working as an independent associate with Legal Shield.Com. Members of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and supporters of National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).

Steve & Amy have two sons Conor Richard Robe born 2011 and Dylan Thurlow Robe born 2014. Conor is enrolled at Bing Nursery on the Stanford campus. The Robe Family reside in Menlo Park, CA.





                                                                                         Stephen T. Robe

                                                                         General Manager

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