Upcoming Events

We would like to build the “magic” of SCRA as a community by developing programs and events to enrich our members’ lives and nurture camaraderie.

Several yearly “signature” events may be created at SCRA, adding on to our very popular 4th of July party.

In recent years, we have included annual Egg Hunts in the spring, The Great Pumpkin Carving Contest in our very own pumpkin patch for Halloween, Valentine Party, Family Night BBQ, Movie Nights, Sip and Dip wine tasting day with quarterly meetings by a group with various tastings.

We also have offered lecture evenings with guest speakers from our amazing members and perhaps seminars on nutrition, health and other topics of interest.

If you have ideas, or would like to get more involved in planning these events, please contact Steve.Robe@stanford.edu or call 736-SCRA (7272) option 1.

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