Pool Rules & Usage

  • Lifeguards are in charge when on duty.
  • Swimming is at your own risk.
  • The pool may be used by adults when no lifeguards is on duty except during posted closed hours. Closed 10pm-5am daily.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult while using the pool, even during lifeguard hours.
  • Children 10 through 12, swimming unsupervised during posted guard hours, must pass a swim test administered by a lifeguard.
  • No sitting on or swimming on top of the lane lines.
  • No crossing lanes in which people are lap swimming.
  • No running on the deck, please walk.
  • The use of fins, snorkels, masks, and swim aids are at the discretion of the lifeguards and management of pool. Note: Any floatation devices must be pre-approved before use.
  • Diving blocks are for swim team use only.
  • No diving in the shallow end of the pool.
  • No pushing or throwing people into the pool.
  • No glass or food within 10 feet of the pool.
  • Conduct of a disorderly nature, or which restricts the enjoyment of others is not permitted.
  • In all cases parents are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children and guests.
  • Users are not permitted to swim repeated lengths of the pool underwater or to swim along the bottom of the pool.
  • Priority for pool use goes to organized club activities.
  • Everyone must shower before entering the pool.

Diving Area Rules

  • No running is allowed on the diving board.
  • Only one person on the diving board at a time.
  • Only one bounce before jumping off the diving board.
  • Make sure the diving pool area is clear before you dive.
  • Once you have completed your dive, immediately swim to the side walls to clear the area for the next diver.
  • Swimming in the diving pool is not allowed when someone is on the board.
  • Hanging on the diving board is not allowed.
  • No games are allowed in the diving area that require a person to jump or dive from the board at swimmers.
  • No diving off boards at same time. Only one diving board should be used at any given time.


Lap Swim Rules & Etiquette
Please follow these simple rules to keep lap swimming flowing smoothly for everyone.
Lap swimmers must share lanes when necessary.

  • Always ask any person politely using a lane for permission to share before entering the pool.
  • Two swimmers in a lane should either pick a side or use a circular pattern which is recommended for three swimmers. Please communicate with fellow swimmers in advance to avoid problems.
  • If you need to pass a swimmer, please wait until they reach the closest wall and then proceed to pass. Always pass carefully, and try to inform the swimmer in front of you of your intentions.
  • Always try to share a lane with a swimmer of equal ability as you.

NOTE: Remember this pool has to service the needs of all of its members, therefore lap lanes must be shared when necessary.

Baby Pool Rules
The "kiddie pool" is for babies and small children under the direct adult supervision of parents or adult guardian.

  • Children who are water safe and older than six years should NOT play in the baby pool.
  • Children in the baby pool area must have adult supervision at all times, even when there are life guards present.
  • Absolutely no diving into the baby pool.
  • Absolutely no running and jumping into the pool.
  • Swim diapers are required on those who are not yet toilet trained. Please note: Pool closure possible for 24 hours if incident occurs.


Swimming Attire
At SCRA our rules regarding swim attire are simple. Everyone must wear a swim suit!

  • Swim diapers are also REQUIRED for children who are not yet toilet trained. The diapers should be age/size appropriate, and should feel very snug on your child.
  • Wearing a swimming cap or hair tie is optional – although they will keep hair out of your face during those important moments when seeing and breathing are essential.
  • Goggles are optional, however they will help protect your eyes from becoming blurry or stinging.

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