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Lap Pool 25 yards by 25 meters with diving boards and Separate Circular Baby Pool


Please read below for information regarding the SCRA Aquatics program.

SCRA offers swim opportunities at every age, level and interest.

Please contact our staff directly with any questions.


Summer Swim Team: Contact Laura Mitchell click here.

SCRA Aquatics: SCRA offers something for everyone! Please read the Program Overview for more information.

Adult & Fitness Swim: We offer a series of adult aquatics programs for the season. There is something for everyone, from the beginning swimmer, to fitness training, to stroke refinement. For more information contact

Youth Lessons: Private lessons are offered for all levels. Please email our staff to indicate scheduling and instructor preference. Our coaches offer flexible programming year round:

Youth Team: At SCRA, the athletes, coaching staff and parents work together to create an environment where swimmers at every level can achieve their goals. Working together brings out the best in everyone associated with the program. An emphasis on team allows for SCRA to reach its potential, and for every individual to do their personal best.

Year Round Swim Team: Starts in September of every year to July. 

For group placement, please email:

Pool & Programs Schedule: SCRA is a wonderful place to enjoy recreational and fitness swimming. Please refer to posted schedules with any questions regarding program use.

Pool Schedule (Fall,Winter,Spring)

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you at the pool!











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