Welcome to Stanford in Washington

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Winter Quarter 2014 Application Due:

Wednesday, May 8 at 12:00 PM

In addition to the health and environment focus, we are launching an arts track for Winter 2014.

Information Sessions

Tuesday April 16th at 12:00 PM

Arrillaga Family Dining Commons

Friday April 19th at 12:00 PM

FloMo Dining (lunch provided)

Since Stanford in Washington opened its doors in 1988, it has served as both home and classroom to Stanford faculty and undergraduates spending a term in the Bing Stanford in Washington Program. Over the years, Stanford programs, departments, and schools have become an active part of life at the Bass Center, sponsoring faculty talks and panel discussions, alumni gatherings, and student recruitment events. With the opening of the Sant Building in 2007, the opportunities for Stanford affiliates have expanded to include exhibits in the art gallery, bicoastal classes and conferences in the Boone Distance Learning Center, and additional guest space for faculty and students. Stanford in Washington and the Bing Stanford in Washington Program are at the heart of the University’s myriad activities in the nation’s capital. Whether you are a student interested in applying to the Bing Program or a member of the faculty heading to Washington for research, we invite you to explore the Bass Center, the Sant Building, and our programs. Please feel free to contact us.



Since 1988, Helen and Peter Bing have given scores of Stanford in Washington students the opportunity to attend the opera, symphony, dance performances, and plays. We invite you to join us in thanking the Bings for all they have done for our cultural lives, wherever Stanford has taken us. With the inauguration of the Bing Concert Hall, students on campus along with the entire Stanford family can experience what students in Washington and in the Bing Overseas Studies Program have come to regard as a central part of their lives. The Stanford in Washington Bing Concert Hall Fund will not only support future performances, but also a commitment to the arts that Dr. and Mrs. Bing have entrusted to us. Please continue to the fund using the link below:

Stanford in Washington Bing Concert Hall Fund


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