1. Book your plane ticket

  • Consult the commitment form in Washington, Here I Come! for your quarter’s start date. You must arrive on the appointed date, preferably between 9 AM and 6PM.

  • Determine which mode of transportation is right for you by visiting Getting Around for information on airports, trains, metro, etc…

  • Email your itinerary to emmaoh@stanford.edu.

2. Meet your fellow BSIW classmates and select a roommate

  • Once you’ve been accepted to BSIW, you’ll have to complete the commitment form, which will ask you for your roommate preference. Don’t worry; if you don’t know your classmates yet, you’ll have a chance to change your preference before your arrival.

  • The quarter following your acceptance, you will be invited to attend a “Life at BSIW” gathering on campus. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your new classmates and discuss roommate options.

  • One month prior to your arrival at SIW, you will receive an email requesting your most recent roommate preference. In order for you to be placed with your requested roommate, that individual must request you as well. You are not guaranteed to be placed with your requested roommate; however, we will do our best to accommodate as many preferences as possible.

3. Change your address on Axess

  • Be sure to change the address you have listed on Axess so that you receive important University mailings and any reimbursements and payments that you may receive while you’re in Washington. To do so:

    • Log in to Axess

    • Click on the “Student Center” tab

    • Under “Personal Information” click on “Mailing Address”

    • List SIW’s address

4. Decide on what you’ll need while in Washington

  • When determining what to bring to BSIW, please carefully consult What to Bring.

5. Plan to receive mail at SIW?

  • Be sure to forward mail from your PO Box or mailing address on campus to SIW. Simply fill out a form at the Stanford post office in order to have your mail forwarded to the address below:

  • Your Name

    Stanford in Washington

    2661 Connecticut Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20008

  • Other mail and packages may also be shipped to you at that address above

  • Feel free to ship anything to SIW 3 to 4 days prior to your arrival. If you need to ship items sooner, please contact the Program Coordinator at emmaoh@stanford.edu or (202) 332-6235.