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Visitors to the Division of Sports Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine. This website will allow you to view the history questionnaire used for the Stanford varsity preparticipation (PPE) exams. A full description of the history questionnaire development and testing is published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Dec 1999.

Duplication and Use
The content and programming of this web page questionnaire are the property of the Division of Sports Medicine at Stanford University. Our intent is to have it available for duplication and use in the near future. Duplication is permitted only with official permission from the Division of Sports Medicine at Stanford University. For futher information please contact Dr. J. Peltz and Dr. G. Matheson through P. Leet,

PPE Development
The objective of this project was to develop a new PPE for the Stanford varsity athletes that 1) improved medical care offered to the athletes by addressing health issues not specifically related to clearance for participation, 2) improved the ability to screen for safe participation and 3) increased physician time effectiveness. The new PPE is based on yearly submission of the athlete completed medical history questionnaire that is summarized in a two page report for the examining physician. The questionnaire was developed through literature review, study of PPEs from other institutions, and discussion with experts. The questionnaire was content validated. It was then programmed for the World Wide Web (WWW). Complete and appropriate answers to all questions are ensured prior to submission using JavaScript software. Security of information is provided at two levels: access to the web page is password restricted; and a unique identifying number, not a name, is supplied as identification on the web page. The athlete's name is linked with their medical information once it enters our secure database. The web page is accompanied by a complete Filemaker Pro database that stores the medical information and automatically produces the summary report.

97-98 Evaluation
For the 1997-1998 season all Stanford varsity athletes completed the health history questionnaire. The majority found the web site easy to access and complete. Sixteen physicians administered the 1997-1998 PPEs; almost all stated the printed history summary was useful or very useful in focusing their physical exam on problem areas and most physicians indicated it substantially improved their opportunity to address primary and preventive care issues. The presence of the summary decreased the time required for each individual exam as compared to previous years. The new PPE format thus shows good athlete compliance, improved exam efficiency and a strong increase in subjective physician satisfaction with the quality of medical care provided.

Medical content of the questionnaire was developed by Dr. J. Peltz. The questionnaire website HTML was programmed by M. Fuchs, J. Hsu and M. Lee (Stanford medNET) and J. Peltz. Further HTML, JavaScript and CGI programming was done by D. Stewart. The Filemaker Pro database and summary report was programmed by J. Myll.

View the PPE Questionnaire.

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