Emergency and Back Up Care

SU Employee Emergency Back-up Care Program

Even the best planned child and elder care arrangements can be disrupted from time to time. Whether it’s a sick child or a suddenly unavailable provider (due to illness or vacation), emergency care situations can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. Stanford recognizes these concerns and offers and Emergency and Back-up Child & Elder Care program that is administered through ACI Specialty Benefits, formerly Leverage Life. Orientation to ACI Back-Up Care.


The Emergency and Back-up Care program is open to benefits eligible faculty and staff of Stanford University only. Eligible employees may use the service for legally dependent children, and/or elderly adults who are the employee’s immediate family.

When to access the program

If your regular caregiver is ill or on vacation, or your child is mildly ill or there is a school closure, ACI will refer you to selected in-home agencies, centers and family child care homes that provide back-up child care. You can use the program for children from infants through school age.

Similarly, if your caregiver for your elder is sick or on vacation, or if your elder becomes ill and you need temporary care, ACI will refer you to selected in-home agencies and senior day care centers that provide back-up elder care. This program can be used nationwide for employees who are long distant caregivers.

Subsidy Program

Stanford provides a subsidy to assist you in the cost of emergency and back-up care. A maximum reimbursement of $160 per family is available annually. Eligible expenses for reimbursement include agency fees and the cost of care. Reimbursements are considered taxable  and will be reflected as such on the disbursement. To be eligible for reimbursement, care arrangements must be made through ACI Specialty Benefits.


ACI Specialty Benefits/Leverage Life

Please call the WorkLife Office at 650-723-2660.  

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