Child Care Resources

NAEYC Accredited Programs

One of the best quality markers is to look for a center which has received accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC, early childhood's primary professional program, sets quality of care standards that exceed state licensing regulations. For guidance in selecting high quality care, pirnt our Child Care Packet or contact the WorkLife Office at 650-723-2660.

Licensed Programs

Child development centers, "day care" centers, nursery schools, and preschools are all programs which care for young children in groups and are required to be licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of California State Department of Social Services.  Licensing Information on a particular childcare center may be obtained by calling Community Care Licensing at 408-324-2148.

School Age Resources

Work Life provides information on school age care, activities for teens and youth and summer programs. The Summer Activities Fair is held annually in March to provide more specific information to the community.

In Home Child Care

Care in your home offers the stability of a familiar enviornment and allows you to come and go without disrupting the child's sleep and play schedule. Care when your child is ill may also be much easier.  Employing someone in your home also has a special tax and employment considerations - benefits, vacations, etc. For help setting up in-home care, call 650-723-2660.  For sample screening forms, print a Child Care Packet.

Emergency & Back-Up Child Care

Whether it's a child who is sick, or a provider who is unavailable (due to illness or vacation), emergency child care situations can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. Stanford University recognizes these concerns and has initiated an Emergency and Back-Up Child Care Program that is administered through ACI and the WorkLife Office. The WorkLife Office also provides a list of licensed programs in the area that provide drop-in or hourly child care.