"We will surely get to our destination if we join hands."
                           -Kyi, Aung San Suu

WorkLife is committed in its vision to serve all populations on campus, as well as their families. To this end, WorkLife staff work to form partnerships and collaborations with other departments and programs, as well as off-campus resources,  to bring more services to the community. Building a continuation of services enhances our mission to support students, faculty and staff in all areas of work and life.

Current Collaborations on Campus


Bing Nursery School

Faculty/Staff Help Center

Student Wellness Room

Student Housing/Escondido Village Residential

Graduate Life Office



Blossom Birth

City of Palo Alto - childcare and recreation services

Creative Children's Learning Centers

DeAnza College

Escondido School

E3 Institute

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County

Palo Alto Community Child Care

Palo Alto Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education (PAACECE)

Parents' Place

PAUSD English as a Second Language

Town and Country Resources